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So lately, I've been throwing in a little more time than usual at Prometheus. No biggie there. But I did stumble accross an interesting fact of life: setting up an Easy To Find wiki on sourceforge is not the best of ideas. Yes, I'm fully aware it works - but you have to litterally search for it!

So I thought a while and tadatadaaaaa: came to mind (ok, so it was my 1st google search and the top result ) but after that trek I was stumped by a greater foe: Tag Line.

So all in all, my trek ended after enduring the 1 google search and 3 minutes of sgn-up stuff after being thwarted by a boxe and a stupid question:

Tag Line
Should I put prometheus like the name of the project or prometheuslib - like the name on sourceforge?

Please leave a comment if you have any ideas

Edit: I doubt that PGD does hosting like they did for JEDI anymore, so I wont ask. Also, I know wikis use quite a few resources - and I'd feel guilty if I slowed down PGD so yea. If anyone has any other ideas where I could put the wiki up or a system that support moinmoin ad-free please leave a comment.

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Updated 07-01-2011 at 07:06 PM by code_glitch

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  1. Brainer's Avatar
    Hm, maybe this one?
  2. code_glitch's Avatar
    OMG - Thanks for that one brainer. I can't fathom how many WikiAs I have read and never made the connection. This one is definitely being checked out. Any thoughts on the title or tag line by any chance? Its late here and its friday, so my brain is in post-work trauma. Its like a BSOD only worse

    Oh, and also, they ask for a category. But they dont have computers/programming/documentation. SHould I settle for technology or Other?
  3. code_glitch's Avatar
    Any toher replies/thoights? i cant believe only 1 person out of 272 has any ideas...