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Tutorial Writing - Star Wars Style

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So you guys remember when he says somthing like 'pass on what you have learned'? Well the sotry happens in a land not so far away (UK) that used to have an empire (not any more)...

It all began when WILL asks for new turorials - too glad to oblige the Code Glitch sets out on his trek of the light side of the force to pass on his knowledge of a game of oldden times of how to make a game of pong. So it gets kicked off - but there is one thing yoda had not foreseen: the dark side of complexity; I mean how new is a new programmer? So every tutorial just got more complicated.

But the CodeGlitch had not anticipated the worst evil of all: no prometheus of libraries of life - only SDL (canten tada-tada-ta-dadadada music starts) can complete the task...

Anyway, what I'm saying is I have new found respect for tutorial writers because they are one tough son of a to crack. Prometheus will still progress as WILL my trek, but its one of those things - work but you know you are one step closer to the ultimate prize:

the CODE-SABER RAAAAAAR! (double super pun of the force)

ps: when attempting this, ensure all phasers are set to stun captain - but thats a whole different story

please comment if you liked this and whether I should make more of these MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA - function! I am you author.
Error >90000 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O! Hey R2 I needd that code blaster I found a bug.

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  1. WILL's Avatar
    It was then that the evil sith brought Code Glitch an official "storm trooper" uniform in the form of a white jacket.
  2. code_glitch's Avatar
    I totally agree - TK 422 is there are a problem? Sorry, just another BSOD. Hey, wait a minute - your on linux! After him!
  3. Traveler's Avatar
    Aye, infinite glory to those that succeed.

    But really, it's not that hard. Just, keep it simple, real simple. Like if you had to explain it to a five year old.