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Meego development. In prometheus...

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So recently I installed meego on my tablet. Fun. Then I found out it literally does nothing but open source, so no codecs. At all. Note to users who want to use meego but also want to have mp3 and video support look here: for your packages, this is the fastest way (compared to a 50min compile time for all dependencies)... Anyway, lets cut to the chase.

Finally got back to prometheus development, and I found Andru's getting busy porting ZenGl (great lib) to all weird and wonderful devices. Since I don't have that many devices I thought I'd have a go on meego and other platforms. After all, if meego goes tablet - I want to be there. So I copied over the source to a USB, booted up meego and half-heartedly inserted the USB disk.

Meego tells me I inserted storage and I thought 'well at least something works'... Compiled prometheus - oh wait. No fpc. No libs. Nothing. No problem, thinks me: sudo yum install fpc - just like on opensuse. or not, because the terminal says in bold writing 'package fpc not found'. Riiiiigghht. Go back to, follow on to sourceforge, grab the rpm and back to meego.

sudo yum install /media/USB/fpc.rpm - and hey: no gpg key. (which is funny because yum on suse says it does have a gpg ). besides that a quick sudo yum install /media/USB/fpc --nogpgcheck returns all green.

A quick browse through the above URL gives me geany and I was on me way again. Compile Prometheus Video and Core, 1 x quick TestApp.pas (35 lines) to test touch input and rotation in oppengl along with drawing stuff and resource loading and the following lights up the world:
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And it runs like a stabbed rat (no delays with a delay(10) in the main loop so in the 90fps ballpark for rotation and drawing on a *cough*tablet*cough cough*with a core 2*cough*

Up next: anything with linux, a terminal and a keyboard. muwahahahaha.

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  1. Andru's Avatar
    Without real device developing for MeeGo is such an a**pain... really, because I can't use MADE(MeeGo SDK tool) under my ArchLinux x86_64(becauyse there is no packages for my distro, and no tarballs, only deb's and rpm's in repositories...), also qemu-gl crashed on my 64-bit system, so I can't start any of MeeGo images... Also I tried Xephyr(as I do with Maemo), and no luck at all. But inside emulated Ubuntu 10.10 MeeGo inside Xephyr works, but without OpenGL ES support... Sometimes I hate big corporation, because they don't know anything about really cool distros >_<

    So I copied over the source to a USB, booted up meego and half-heartedly inserted the USB disk.
    just read this again and understood that this is an good idea...
    Updated 11-03-2011 at 10:25 PM by Andru
  2. gintasdx's Avatar
    Emm,if this is works with ARM processor tablet maybe this engine could work on Android too?
  3. code_glitch's Avatar
    In theory I see no reason why not. The use of sdl is highly specific and a trimmed down version really only uses opengl (for video anyway which is the main purpose)... I did come up with an interesting test just to check though which I will be carrying out later this week and bloggin about: firing up Prometheus on my nDS's ARM chips I think its a verison of OpenGl it uses so hopefully...

    Andru, I have found a nice perk: meego is an i586 distro... So if you have an x86 or x86_64 cpu u can boot up meego and run all the stuff from there... Oh, and qemu-gl crashed? not again... XD

    I guess if prometheus starts working on everyhthing I might have a winner. Although looking at ZenGl, you sure as heck don't have far to go to get that universal either. If it wasn't exam time I would say Race-Ya but then again =]

    gintasdx, I hope it does work on android... I sure hope it does... Might get an opportunity to try this out in the next few weeks so we shall see. Hopefully that will be a nice blog post: prometheus on ARM: NDS & Android

    Edit: wait wait wait, hang one. Did I read that right: there is something Arch does not have? O-M-G I never thought that would ever happen. Like ever.