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Some demo making...

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Had a few queries lately to do with Prometheus, (only 1 of which was here on PGD ) and I had some code lying around and 10 minutes so I whipped up a really quick demo. Might have some bugs, but its all commented and etc if you were curious at just how close to human speak it really was or wanted to criticise some code (my style gets to a lot of people. In my defence though it looks good in tree view). I attached the source and etc as a zip with my first attempt at a ReadME Prometheus Ship Demo SVNR-51| So I will see how that goes.

In brief, we get a ship (png) on a screen rotating live, moving, and having super-rudimentary physics applied to it with the Math unit since the Prometheus physics in the core unit are not even 'dodgy' yet

So in brief, if you ever wanted a quick technical demo/tutorial/peek this is it.

Oh, as usual comments are encouraged and what not.

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  1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
    Cool! Keep em coming dude

    One thing, the only issue I have with your coding style is that you seem to be using TAB characters and not spaces in the code...

    This means that when I view the code in a text editor, I get 12 space indenting for each TAB!