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Bulking up on Content

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Lately PGD has been seemingly a little short on content. At least compared to how it used to be. We have such a wonderful content management system just sitting there waiting to be used so I'm hoping to fix some of that.

Video Tutorials

I've just recently added a small handful of Matt (dazzapa) Shaffer's video tutorials that teach us a few cool tricks using GIMP that we could use with our games. I'm also digging around looking for some basic stuff for Free Pascal, Delphi and Lazarus so beginner programmers can get at least some basic knowledge and know where to seek it to get started in Pascal. If anyone knows where I can find some great Pascal-centric video tutorials about OpenGL, OpenAL or DirectX, please feel free to send those links my way.

RSS Feeds

I've created a page for RSS feeds. There probably won't be much in the way of actual content on this page, but I've set it up as a sort of central hub for RSS syndicated news sites like Delphi Feeds, the Delphi Insider blog, independent developers and even big companies like Embarcadero and RemObjects. I'll be adding more and trying to organize it a bit better in the near future. Let me know if like this page or if it's useful to you.

Quick Start Guides

Remember these? I first got (stole?) the idea from the old Turbo site hosted on Steve Wilson created these lists so that you can easily find most of the popular game libraries and API headers available for use by the few Pascal development tools we had at the time. Well I started my own set around the time of PGD 1.0 and since then they have sort of disappeared and the various libraries has grown and changed much since then.

I'd like to make a new set of lists for the exact same purposes. There are now many different game libraries, game engines, compilers and IDEs for use and it would be nice to be able to make heads or tails of it all for new-comers to the Pascal game making world.

Other Ideas

I do have other ideas that I've thought of, but I'm not going to pursue too much more until I've done what I've already laid out for you so far. I've also thought of adding a section for Book Reviews, where you can submit your own critique on different programming and game design/development books, then there is an Interviews section, where I was thinking of adding PGD Staff-led interviews with groups and people of special interest such as Embarcadero or other successful game developers who've used Object Pascal in their own projects. ie. Triumph Studios or Big Fish Games.

I'm always full of ideas, as some of the senior members of the site can attest to, but I'm holding off from going out on a tangent so that we have time to make the current ideas work. And with that, it would go a long way the more people continue to contribute like you all have been doing in the last couple of months. Thanks so much for those that have been submitting news items and writing articles for both PGD and the Pascal Gamer Magazine.

Pascal Gamer Magazine: Issue 4

I've been just starting to play with the 4th issue of Pascal Gamer not long ago. I want to start to get content ready soon so that I can continue it's publication. With some of the people I've been talking to recently it should be a rather exciting issue. Anyone interested in writing for the next issue please email me at

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  1. code_glitch's Avatar
    Sorry about the delay on the Pong tutorial... I only just realised there are some quite annoying bugs in it all and thus need to fix them before I write them up... All 300 odd lines of Pong. Yay.