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What has WILL been up to?

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Well it's been a while since I've posted a blog so I figured I'd let everyone in on some of the things I've been doing with my free time. I of course have been working on my Subject 33 game once again, which I've been trying to get working on the latest version of Lazarus for Mac OS X. I've also been relaxing and playing some cool new games for my iPad which I'll list for you below, because I enjoyed doing that last time.

Porting Subject 33 to the Mac

Well I'll give the new Lazarus 0.9.30 this... it works a little better as far as debugging. So kudos to them for their fine work sorting out all those major issues with it. The other night I decided to give it a shot so I installed Lazarus on my version of Mac OS X 10.6.7 and tried to compile a few things. Unlike the previous few versions there weren't any debugging crashes. This encouraged me to try my hand at porting Subject 33 over to the Mac.

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First error messages before properly linking theSDL framework

Well I conversed with Stoney a bit about getting JEDI-SDL to work and after some help here an there I finally got all the SDL framework files linked properly. Great! So far this is the farthest I've gotten with making any one of my projects using JEDI-SDL on a Mac.

Here is where my progress flops. To get your programs that use assets working on OS X, you need to setup your application bundle. This means that inside you need to copy your otherwise visable folders and files and throw them into the special bundle that OS X uses to encompass the entire app entity. It looks something like this.

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Lazarus of course creates a basic bundle for you, but it doesn't really know what files your application with need so you have to throw in the ones you need yourself. Thinking that I could just copy them in and then make the path relative to the place where my program's executable would be and that would do the trick, I was proven wrong. In fact I've tried almost every combination there is. So I suspect that there is some other issue with file loading on the Mac with Lazarus that is not so obvious. I'll have to play with it more and check back with those few others that are working with Lazarus on the Mac as well.

iPad/iPhone Games I've Been Playing

Battleheart by Mika Mobile

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Very fun game. I've played through and finished this game with a Knight, Cleric, Wizard and Dark Knight.

Ascendancy by Logic Factory

What can I say about one of the greatest games of the late 90s. I remember playing this one on my old DOS computer when I was a teenager in high school. Just like the original in many ways with a vastly improved interface using the multi-touch features of your iOS device.

Try it out at the iTunes App Store right here.

Final Fantasy by Square Enix

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After the last classic, I'm picking out the ultimate JRPG game that got us all addicted to what RPGs on consoles are now. Square Enix has finally brought the first 3 Final Fantasy games to the iPhone. 1 and 2 are direct ports of the newer version seen on the consoles with a touch interface, where 3 has been totally redone in 3D specifically for the iPad in mind. It is also available for iPhone too though.

Get it at the iTunes App Store here.

Here is to hoping for the rest of the classic Final Fantasy titles from 4 to 7 and the Dragon Quest series to finally get a modern platform update!

Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie by Fish Labs Inc.

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Yes, I did mention this game before, but no this is actually new content in the form of an in-app purchasable storyline that takes place after the main story. You have to finish the game to get to play it and it also adds a whole bunch of new content and detail in the form of extra dialog sound bites, cool new ships and weapons (automated turrets and guided missiles) and upgrades for your ships and a very cool space station that you can buy from an old friend within the game. This is a great game for those who loved Freelancer or Wing Commander Privateer. Even better is the fact that the iPad takes this genre to the next level with it's multi-touch and accelerometer controls.

Get this one at the iTunes App Store here.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP by Capybara Games Inc.

It's like going back in time partially to all those King's Quest and Quest for Glory, but pumped with all kinds of awesome musical and visual and interaction that you'd expect from today's games. The trailers are a bit odd, but don't let that put you off this amazing title.

Try it out at the iTunes App Store here.

Other cool games I've been play are...

Tower Madness, Risk for iPad and Catan HD.

iOS Apps I'd HIGHLY Recommend Trying

Google Translate

This cool app turns your iOS device in a Trek-like universal translator. Now you can just pick your languages tap on the mic button to record what you want to say and it'll translate it for you with the option to play it back in your chosen target language. Not all languages can be recorded and played back, but there are a lot of languages available and most of the popular ones in Europe are supported along with English, French and Spanish. It unfortunately is only designed for iPhone, but is just as handy on the iPad anyway. Best of all it's free. Nice job Google!

Get it at the iTunes App Store at


Well as you read on in my blog you'll probably guess as to why I'm recommending this, but I find this app to be very easy to use. More so than the actual Twitter website. Why mess around with the website when using this app is so much nicer to use on your multi-touch iOS device. Designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Get it at the iTunes App Store at

I'm on Twitter now

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Name:	follow-us-on-twitter-bird.jpg 
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ID:	377Yup, I've jumped onto the Twitter band-wagon. But before all you fad-haters start shouting "sell-out!" I'll explain why I thought it would be such a good reason to "do the Twitter thing." Twitter, for those not initiated in what it's all about, is something of a cross between a blog and a Facebook Wall messages. If you have something to announce in 140 characters with a link or mention of another person with a Twitter account it's an ideal way to get it across to all other Twitter users.

Lots of people use Twitter including all those fancy famous people and those that want to make company announcements, such as Embaracdero, Sony, Introversion and thousands of others. What better way for PGD news and events to be seen and heard of that such a widely used network of users. Such is the same for Facebook and all the rest.

One of the fringe benefits of being on such announcement networks is also the exposure to other sources that Google, Bing and the rest would look up and bases their search ranking upon. I'll of course be continuing to look for new ways to increase the exposure of Object Pascal programming on the net in a manageable way.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, you'll need a Twitter account. Go to and sign-up then find me at @jkamcmillen.

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  1. paul_nicholls's Avatar
    Lots of cool stuff Jason

    Good luck with your Mac OSX programming

  2. Traveler's Avatar
    Wow, it must have taken some time to write all that. Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie looks pretty cool. Dont think I'm going to buy an ipad for it thought
    And yeah, Privateer was an awesome game. I still have the box from privateer II. I wonder if it still runs. Perhaps under dosbox?
  3. paul_nicholls's Avatar
    Privateer? that takes me back - I played that lots back in the day

  4. WILL's Avatar
    Yeah, unfortunately I've not been able to code much since last I picked up Subject 33 to port it. After coming home from working 10 hour days it's a little hard to put my head into code mode.

    I do enjoy my iPad for gaming though. So nice to lay back on the couch and play a session of Ascendancy or shoot up some pirates on GoF2:V! I hope they keep making add-ons. I'll keep getting them until they release GoF3.

    I believe that GoF is actually the spiritual successor to the Freelancer series. It would be neat to play in on my Mac, but I'd miss the super cool multi-touch interface. You really notice not having it after you've played an iPad game long enough. So fun to take it with me when I travel too.