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The new units for beginners

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As I last posted, I was considering making a set of units for newbie programmers based on sdl and possibly bassfpc. I can now say that I have just started some work on the units, and have decided to go with the following structure:

Data - Access to variable types and etc...
Video - Image loading, drawing, rotations and etc...
Audio - Audio loading, playing, looping, stopping, pausing and etc...

Is there anything missing from this? Probably. If you use something different when you code your games please leave a comment. Also, I have decided on two versions a beginner version to get you into programming easily and a experienced beginner which will have more flexibility and performance tweaks. The idea being you can easily port applications to the experienced version but not really vice versa. Ie. version 1 code works with version 2, but not the other way round.

I am undecided as to whether to include a script engine into the mix as it adds complexity and debugging problems that may be very hard for beginners to handle.

code_glitch out.

PS. Anyone have any cool sounding acronyms for the project? Or at least a good name rather than 'pascal units for beginner and slightly less beginner programmers who want to try out sdl programming easily' which as you may notice, is a little long.

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  1. WILL's Avatar
    Project Prometheus? or The 'Prometheus Game Library for Object Pascal Beginners'?

    Don't forget Input for keyboard, mouse and joystick/pad controls. I found that I had to make my own user input unit with it's own interface for each 'action' I had in my games along with a key configuration tool I made in Delphi to handle getting nice controls of my games. User input in games can be simple or complex depending on how it's handled, maybe a layer in between SDL and the beginner's code could help keep it simple for them at first, until they move forward wanting better control functionality.
  2. code_glitch's Avatar
    "Don't forget Input for keyboard, mouse and joystick/pad controls" Oh yes, that may be of use. And I like the name. Will post again when I get some functionality and user-friendliness out of it. Pre-Alpha stage at the moment. Oh eck, average stable runtime is about 15 seconds before something screws up... teeheee, I really need to get it together.