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Documentation Live

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And in an effort to improve Prometheus documentation, dodge revision and spend bored hours on work experince Prometheus documentation finally goes live, or at least what bits of it are relevant. Find out the very familiar and in some instance annoying interface fpdoc(?) generates over at (and it looks to be case sensitive... Need to add a link from so there now you know, we have docs available to everyone without the need to go SVNing 1400 odd files...

Also, I'll start a new article/tut section for any prospective users I should have plenty of time tomorrow. Start at 9:30AM, work till 11:45, 2 hour lunch and finish at 2:45. Man I love this week.

In smaller news code_glitch gets his first positive comment from the 5.5 hour ludum dare entry ...

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Updated 10-05-2011 at 06:57 AM by code_glitch

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