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PGD Mini Compo - Are you ready?

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As luck would have it, its still exam week (or more appropriately exam month ) and as with all things in life, it all has to happen at the same time...

Oh well. Things look better than Ludum Dare #20 on my end in the run up for the PGD Mini Compo (we need a cool acronym for this one, hit me up on the comments with any ideas ). Translation: Things are better than 'I think it works... Well enough'. Its a phenomenon highlighted by my first Ludum Dare entry. Things might work very well in theory and dry runs, but leave it to a little prcatice and real world chance to change the way that matrix works, or how your threads co-operate .

So, my checklist looks like this as of now (T minus 3 days):

  • Audio subsystem - Using one made in late 2010/early 2011. (Not good 4/10)
  • Event handling - Using one made in the same era as the audio (Acceptable 6/10)
  • Graphic system - Updated 8 minutes 12 seconds ago (over 90% of it works, over 50% of it understandable by humans 6/10. More features could be nice)
  • Multi-threading automation system - Update 1 week ago (it works... Sort of. A bit slow but nice to work with 5/10)
  • Ideas and Creativity - Its exam week (Innexistant. This better be a good theme 1/10)
  • Free time - Its exam week and end of year stuff (Unkown 3/10 guess)

So time for the math.
On the technical side I am 52.5% as ready as I would like
On the 'misc' category, its 20% as good as would be nice.

Sainsburys are having BOGOFs and the like on cookies, Blue Bolt (crazy stuff ) and everything nice. Time for a propper Ludum Dare coding spree to catch up the 2 months of work I've been slacking off in 2 days. Can it be done: given enough caffeine, pizza, cookies and other resources such as 5.1 Dolby - then it looks hopeful.

WARNING to citizens that are affected by UK internal affairs and economy, read the last paragraph. Stockpile before I hit the shelves.

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Updated 15-06-2011 at 03:15 AM by WILL (Added question mark. ;))

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