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PGD Mini Compo - Day 1 progress

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So, the PGD mini compos number 1 (or shall we say 0 in programmer talk ?) finally got underway...

As a rule of thumb, I'll most likely be posting quite often on progress and etc related to my game entry - since its a habbit I got into during the LD20 and now can't get rid of it... Whipped out exactly the same custom prometheus revision as the Ludum Dare challenge bar a few tweaks in constants, images, config handling and other minor mods.

Approximately 2 hours of solid code spread over the evening has given rise to:
-Something cool, like a magica/smash bros mix type thing which has all upgrades etc. The engine and rendering etc all almost done since last LD and other side development.
-Multi-threaded engine to maximize performance TBD - POC code in a compo is not a good idea as I found out
-The main structure is all written up - just have to start adding content and features. The actual core is all good though
-A menu screen proposition is done - check the screenie. The numbers in the background all flip over, the particles move and the likes.

Best of all: system requirements will most likely be:
600MHZ CPU (preferably hyperthreaded/dual core)
OpenGl 2.0
>640x480 32 bit color.
and.... a keyboard!

Click image for larger version. 

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Happy reading... And of course, coding too!

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  1. WILL's Avatar
    Sounds neat, hope to see more soon.