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Now, the Ludum Dare has my thanks for this next bit in helping me realize once again how fun and addicting coding can be at its best - just the sheer spirit behind Ludumdare lead me to overhaul a lot of ideas and reconsider some concepts that I'd once deemed useless or unfeasible.

And to start that new philosophy off there are a few new little announcements to be made:
-I'm permanently scrapping the fixed array for dynamic arrays... With a new load of GetMem SetLength and etc in one library, its all ready there. No longer will I have to go into prometheus, take memory from TMX and maps and expand images/fonts. ever.

-For those among us that like 'flixel' and use their map editors in place of TMX, I'm planning to roll out support for that too - it looks like I have a complete prometheus rewrite ahead so lets make the best of it.

-'Compatibility mode', as a target, all code I write will attempt to be fully backwards compatible, already partially achieved but it could do with some help.

-Documentation is en route as bugs are fixed, the docs are updated and I'm taking on board some skills from the ref manual - soon my code will be accessible to all.

-Finally, error handling - I think we all usually skimp out on this at least a little bit, well no longer, with the implementation of log modes in code that should be no concern.

Why write this out in a public place? Probably, because PGD has better memory than me and I may forget what my goals are, but more importantly, I had a positive experience with programming and so should you. If I had done all of the above my experience could have been better, so for those finding the IDE rather unused - work hard once, stick it in some libs and be done with it!

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