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Rolling out the new development

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Finally, nearing the end of term, the sun is not shining and its usually raining or windy - its the coding season

In all seriousness, after the fiasco I had in the last Ludum Dare to try and sort out language fails, dependency fails etc... I had a brainwave: 'scrap it all and start over' - and for the past few weeks thats exactly what I've been doing.

So for now, prometheus is X11 only - but only for now. This is thanks to my extensive use of {$Ifdef linux} window management talks directly to X and gets events directly via X. Nice. This also mans I have to delve into the abyss of the WINAPI (noooo ) and rewrite it all for that, and get my hands on a mac to write WM code for whatever that uses.

The result? Less image formats support for now (TGA or PNG) although BMP and JPEG are in the pipeline, mildly better performance and reduced memory usage along with the main prize: No dlls or .so files to go with it all, no apt-getting dependencies, no xyz.dll into google to run the final exe. All this at a price, as much as I hate to admit it, Prometheus is now more complex - you must choose what units you are going to use (PM_Event for evernt handling, PM_Window for window handling, PM_Image for image handling, you get the idea) and...

And a cool executable size of around 750k on my linux box . Its big, I'll grant you that, but for a release, its nothing a quick "UPX ExecuteableFile" can't slim down to 1/3 its orignal size. It may be a little big for a floppy disk, but its a darn size smaller than that XNA and .NET stuff, not to mention those 2100 dlls you'd have to package otherwise...

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