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Articles vs Blogs - the ultimate question

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Now before the wise guy/gal says it, the answer to my dilemma is NOT 42 ... Ok, just jokes...

In all seriouslynesses (I am familiar with grammar btw) my blog posts may hit 900 or so views - and thats fine with me but then there's that article section that has more discussion about 'Tripping the Class Fantastic' By AthenaOfDelphi (Great read, highly recommended - especially the one on multithreading) and TileD demonstrations among a quick tanks tutorial by WILL (Also a great read and intro with lots of nice concepts) and thats about it. Meanwhile there is my blog posts with ubuntu themed like a mac (ubuntu RIP for me as well as windows, but I still have that theme kicking ), general life things like when I wipe my hard drive from time to time and lose everything by accident or actually something to do with Programming and the list continues...

So I sat down for 9 seconds, okay 11 tops, and engaged around 25 neurones and thought - which is a rare occurrence to be entirely honest - caffeine does a similar thing, I believe its called hyperactivity; they're quite similar when it comes to code.... Besides, back to the topic at hand: what if instead of posting random junk on this blog for 900 people to spend their time on I immortalized some of those ideas into some articles that could be indexed and be useful to everybody?! I know, its good isn't it

So from now on, or rather, without further ado, let me say, if I may, keep your eyes peeled on that new article box, (around 1/4 of the pixel real estate of the front page - you can't miss it) for some random bits of advice/tips/tutorials and other junk that might actually be useful to someone somewhere in sometime in the future (yeah, thats a mouthful )... The first installment is ready to be published and that way - those that want serious words from me can go to the article section, those that want general stuff can stay here, those that want both can read both and those that want none - then 1. Why are you reading this? and 2. Keeps your eyes and mouse of that articles box - its only 1/4 of the page...

ASIDE from all that, I recently had a brainwave about something that could be fun, useful and generally good for the community in general - a SNIPPET OF THE WEEK! I might have to look into the best way of making it happen but I reckon that with the whole of PGD to submit their suggestions and my general lack of diligence and bored browsing - we could get some nifty stuff out to everyone to make those few lines of code - so much more powerful...

Or we could do procedure of the month, or type of the fortnight... OK, maybe I should shutup now... Its 20 to midnight and I'm about to burn out at this pace.

So thats really it from me for today (in this timezone at least). Really. zzzZZZ

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