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Prometheus - The 2nd Generation: Almost there

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After a tedious 1 year of SDL and other performance, stability and compatibility hassles its was time to rebuild.

Prometheus now runs faster, smaller and more flexibly - and work is still being done in this area. Now theres an application logger that can be toggled at a flick of a bit, its pure OpenGl code that talks directly to X11/WinAPI and it has no DLLs/SOs. And to add another plus theres some extra niceness in the Utils unit that lets you lear out arrays with a single command, convert types on the fly, generate variables with the Quick prefix - all for that RAD element. Or how about PM_TextUtils, grabbing the name/value/information from XML and HTML meta style tags is a function away, or searching for what line of a file an occurence of a string is one? Its one function away.

So, after a few months of rebuilding here's where its all at.

What works:

  • PM_Colour
  • PM_Config
  • PM_Debug
  • PM_Event
  • PM_Images
  • PM_Maps
  • PM_TextUtils
  • PM_TileSets
  • PM_Utils
  • PM_Window
  • PM_X11Window

Now, this doesn't mean they are in their final implementations or that they are bug free - only that they perform their intended function equally well at equal or better performance than the 1st generation Prometheus on more than one platform. Sure, more in depth functionality will be added - but now its modular. Need Prometheus to do something it doesn't already? Its one unit away!

Plus, as an added bonus - because its easy I'm looking at a PM_Legacy unit for 100% compatibility between Gen1 and Gen2, just for all those snippets of Gen1 I liked.

Whats next?

Well, first theres finishing off the Win32 side of things as those can still be experimental at times, legacy support and hey - for the SDL fans among us that like their := instead of then I'm thinking about you too

Just a quick update from me, as to how I spend my pre-exam week revision time and how the obscure thread in the Prometheus news thread really is. Oh, and did I mention, all the WIP elements should be done for the next Ludum Dare - and the Android units are hitting the repositories as soon as I get my compiler working for my shiny new galaxy ace

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