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PGD Staff Positions Are Open & We're Hiring

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Yup that's right folks, you too can help our beloved PGD community site continue to sparkle as it has this past couple of weeks. We're starting out on a new foot and a part of that is getting our house in order. That not only means our website software, but our staff too. For too long only a select few people have been trying to run things for the vast majority of all those Pascal developers out there (that you member!) who love coming here and seeing new and exciting things happening. Though we aren't always the big happening, we are the people who talk or tell about it so that our members can be informed and up to date on whats really going on in the big picture.

So this is where we are going to make a few changes. We need more people to help with some of the various small jobs around PGD, and you can help. The more people that get involved and help out here and there the more exciting this place will become, so we're going to be actively seeking new staff members for what we can.

News Reporting

Well so far you've seen my all my cool news reports on the front page. They only take about 5 mins to type up after a 5 to 10 min read of the source whee I learned of these on-goings. This obviously isn't the hard part. They hard part is finding it all from all the nooks and crannies of the vast internet. This is one of those "the more, the merrier" rules that apply. We would love any interested individuals who would want to seek out new tool, library, engine or game releases, contests and events, or other community milestone events and write a news post about it every so often. There is no major obligation, any regular or irregular posting scheme will help out. You don't even have to be staff to help with this, just create a post yourself and save it. Staff members will be able to publish directly into the front page without going through an admin or moderator, but as a regular member your assistance in announcing new happenings helps a lot even still.

The goal is to let others know whats really going on out there. No news makes people think that there is not an interest in making games with Pascal, but the more we show that there is indeed projects out there within our niche, we will be setting the record straight and getting the recognition we deserve in our contribution to the independent game community.

Forum Moderator

For the most part everyone behaves in a respectful and appropriate manner. However there are sometimes small house-keeping tasks that need to be handled. Posts in the wrong forums, some actually gets out of line, old polls not closed, a spammer creep-ed in, new members registering and or needing help with site features, non-descriptive subject threads and so on. It's good to have a 'go-to' person to help out here and there. We are looking for interested people who are responsible to maintain the good standing of our community's key feature.

Article Writing

Yeah, we need members to write articles that they want to contribute and to help others learn. I am sure that like in the past the library of content in the Articles section of PGD will grow to include both brand new and past articles from the old PGD sites. However would it not be cool to have some authors writing a series or a regular column here on PGD? Thought we may not make this an actual Staff position, we would like to offer anyone willing to do a series or a column of their interest to start one. Just head over to the Home page of the site and hit go besides the Create Article option at the top-right corner. I should point out that you can of course save as draft and come back and continue work on your articles at a later date. You do not have to do it all at once. Plus you can upload images and source code to compliment your articles too.

Site Artist & Advertising People

PGD sites and events of the past haven't had too much in the way of advertising and PR. This is perhaps due to oversight of the power of the other new media. This is another new change that I'd like to push forward. I'm not saying that PGD is going to become overly commercial, it's still a community site of course. But it wouldn't hurt to sell ourselves a little bit more. The attitude that "we are here so they should find us" isn't a very good policy and we won't win much by it. So it only makes sense that we branch out and try new avenues of exposing PGD to others outside of the site.

Pascal Gamer runs an irregular publication that displays magazine ads to it's readers. This is something to explore. Also YouTube videos in the form of game reviews have gained some interest by non-programmers and could be a new way to introduce the language capabilities to new programmers looking for something else. Banners have been used by PGD for others to place on individuals and loyal developer team websites and blogs to attract others to PGD. We should perhaps update our old banners and generate new ones to reflect the new theme an style.

Another important function of a community artist could be helping out with illustrations for future events like the PGD Annual posters and possible other merchandise. I know Pascal Gamer Magazine would love to have someone to help with illustrations and small clip art.

Submit You Interest

Well that's what we are looking for everyone. If you are motivated and interested in helping our community and want to see things continue to pick up, please contact us and ask to lend a hand. We need your help to keep our site going and with just a little bit of help from each person we can continue to look forward to coming here to PGD and seeing it busy every day.

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  1. code_glitch's Avatar
    I might be of use to PGD as I am getting increased amounts of time for programming... If you need part time help (although I havent posted much and have only been around for a year or so) I'd be glad to help out.
  2. WILL's Avatar
    We welcome all kinds of 'new blood' with open arms! What sorts of tasks are you interested in helping with?

    Besides the forums news posting has always been a high priority. I can't find it all myself. So I guess if you wanted to find some news and make posts that'd be a big help. If you start to frequent known developer blogs and sites and especially the big compiler sites (Embarcadero, Free Pascal, Lazarus, etc) you can catch new things happening as they come up. I also like to check all the gaming API and graphics wrapper sites too. Anything relating to SDL, DirectX or OpenGL, OpenAL and so on... and don't forget the game libraries and engines too. Those are easy to look for. The hardest is new pascal developers and their releases, somehow they like to hide.
  3. code_glitch's Avatar
    I'm pretty much OK with just about anything apart from hunting for pascal things on the internet and etc since I don't always keep up to date too well. But in terms of helping out with newbies, writing articles, fixing urls, modding forums and etc. I'm 100% a-ok with. And whatever I don't know, I'm, always willing to learn. Considering I've relied on PGD so many times before, I thought it only right I help out when you guys need people to look after a community which I rely on so much.
  4. WILL's Avatar
    Well that's good. The more people helping out, even in the smallest tasks, is that much more time less it takes that we can do other things to promote and add fun to the site.
  5. phibermon's Avatar
    I'm always up for writing articles, I can pretty much cover every aspect of game development and I'm confident that I have a good writing style, excellent use of constructive metaphors and will always try to explain why as well as how.
  6. WILL's Avatar
    Awesome! I left you a message back in response to yours. Can't wait to read your first article.