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What is the PGD Challenge?

The PGD Challenge is a series of mini competitions that are designed to last a few weeks with a simple game mechanic or scheme as the theme and goal of those that submit entries. They were designed to last a shorter period of time from that of the original long term PGD Annual competitions which would last for three to four months. The PGD Challenge mini game developer's competitions are prize-less challenges for the purpose of encouraging those who make games with some form of Pascal language to show off their skills and increase potential game resources and experience amoung those developers/programmers who participate. The event happens infrequently, but is meant to take place more than a single time a year. It is open to all who wish to take part from complete newbies to the game dev elite. All judges are volunteers and they play the games and score them as per a set of selected categories known to the competitors. The judge's system details are posted on or before the first day of the competition. Previous PGD Challenge Mini Competitions:
  • 1st PGD Challenge: Simple Controller (Fall 2011)
  • 2nd PGD Challenge: ??? (Jan 2012)

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