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Thread: bitBEAT music software

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    bitBEAT music software

    Hey all,
    I recently found this little hardware project:

    which allows the user to assign sounds to different binary bits and then output them to do a 'binary beat'.

    I thought this was pretty neat, so I have managed to do a software version of this using Lazarus!

    I have decided to call it "bitBEAT". It is a work in progress, but I have now gotten it to generate an uncompressed .wav file filled with binary beats in the same way as described in the pocket sound performer project

    I have used some samples I got from the pxtone music creation project by Pixel, and hard coded them into the program as a test like so:

    I can then play or generate the 'bit beat' output and save it to a file - I am rather pleased

    When I have cleaned up the project a bit I will post it so you guys can have a play


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    Here is a link to the wav file I have created as the test (needs 7-Zip)


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    That's pretty creative.
    Speaking of which, hows the Probe going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler View Post
    That's pretty creative.
    Speaking of which, hows the Probe going?
    Thanks mate

    Ah, yes...The Probe I really have to get back into that...I keep getting distracted by other ideas/projects! D'OH!

    I am really happy with how the basic physics is working now in The Probe since I completely re-worked it, but I need to re-add things back into it like warps and switches to name a few You can do the main stuff like collect crystals, push rocks, and rotate deflector dishes (wasn't in the older version, so Yay!), and the TLS system also works nicely too I also have enemies now too, unlike the first version

    Oh, and I need to redo the editor too as was in the middle of that as well



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