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Thread: Ludum dare 21

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    Ludum dare 21

    Woah. I made a game that's actually playable.. That has never happened before!

    I made it using ZenGL, which I must say was a good choice. I chose it yesterday and it has been a no problem ride

    You can see it here(if the site isn't down):

    Or get it here:

    Any other Pascalians there this time?
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    JSoftware, is this post for your game or is it for all PGD LD entries?

    Edit: Sorry, retard mistake (48h, 6h sleep not good.)

    My entry can bee seen in its entirety of incompleteness bug etc over here:
    Even the name has a nice typo, but it shows the nature of LD so I'll keep it I think.
    Failing that then there is:
    Linux x64:
    Both include source and I recommend compiling yourself.

    A bug affecting sound in the Win32 has yet to be found...

    Edit2: Dont forget you need the sdl-dev libraries since sdl is used for resource loading That Sdl_mixer, Sdl_Image, Sdl, Sdl_TTF and etc...
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