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Thread: Freepascal programs and Linux distros?

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    Freepascal programs and Linux distros?

    Hi all,
    I wasn't sure where to put this post LOL

    Anyway, I am attempting to make a cross-platform "engine" that will run under Windows, and at least Linux (maybe Mac OSX later on...).

    The engine is inside a DLL on Windows, and I know that I need to make a .SO version under Linux...

    I am happy with how it is running under windows, but now I want to see if I can add Linux code and then when ready, run/install the engine in the Linux distro (Ubuntu to start with).

    I have installed Ubuntu into a virtual machine and will install Lazarus-freepascal into it, but I have no idea how to go about installing my freepascal app!!!

    I am used to having the engine DLL in the same folder as the application exe under Windows, but I guess this isn't done this way using Linux when installing .SO dynamic libraries?

    If not, how does one 'install' a freepascal program (using a precompiled .SO + application) in a Linux distro? Do I need to put the .SO file somewhere in the system where the app will find it?

    Also where would I put program resources like archives and other files that it loads from? Again I am used to looking in sub-folders of the app folder (using ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) and similar stuff), but I don't think this is going to work in Linux?

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    Since *nix doesn't USE DLL's, having the engine in a DLL pretty much makes it useless cross platform... DLL==Windows only...
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    Sorry, I should probably have added .so there too, but I had mentioned .so files below that

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    I guess under Ubuntu, I should use .deb files, but I am still unsure where to put different parts of my application (.SO and the 'executable' + other support files)...I am finding the Linux world so confusing! haha

    Does anyone here know the best practice for placing different files of a program under Linux (Ubuntu)?


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    Thanks Carver413, I will have a read - I did notice that is mostly about compiling libs, but I guess the output folders /usr/lib and other info should still apply


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