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Thread: Conversion of SDLCtrls to Lazarus

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    Conversion of SDLCtrls to Lazarus


    just finished a small conversion of SDLCtrls ( to work with Lazarus/FPC. All the four tools and the demo now compile in Lazarus. However, I made an own package SDLLazCtrls ( but in general it should be able to provide an updated package of SDLCtrls which is working in both environments. Since I don't own Delphi I'm not able to check for compatibility though.

    For those not sure what SDLCtrls is: It is a fully working GUI (Forms, Buttons, Checkboxes, Scrollbars,...) purely done in SDL by Igor Stojkovic. A form designer is provided as well, so you can create new forms and menus just as easy as in Delphi or Lazarus itself.

    I'm aware that there are many GUIs for OpenGL, however this one seems to be the only GUI which is SDL only.

    I think about using this in a project. Feel free to try it out as well .

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    Does it work on a 64bit Linux? I think the original code from the JEDI-SDL headers used sdlutils.pas which does not compile on 64bit systems. (Of course it can be patched, it's always the same issue: "get pixel colour" as discussed on freepascal-meets-sdl ...)
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    In fact a few units are using sdlutils. As long as this unit isn't getting fixed by the JEDI-SDL project or manually it still remains a problem. I'm not sure if we should just fix it and send it to them. They may replace the old version then with the next update, however I'm not sure if they already fixed it or even if someone still is working on JEDI-SDL at all. The most recent Sourceforge repository doesn't seem to contain any updates.

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    Hm, I am still waiting for those SDL 1.3 units; I hope someone from the JEDI-SDL team is porting (at the moment .)
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