Hey all you younger PGD members out there!

If you haven't heard it from me yet, thank you for being a part of our community. I am continually trying to think of new ways to keep PGD relivent to all Pascal programmers who make games and game dev tools alike. But also I want to help bring more new blood to this community. It's you guys that are our future and we should not forget you. So this thread is specifically for you guys.

So far I have counted about 3 students that have been added thanks to the help of your teacher Dr./Mr. Morrison. He has been absolutely excellent in helping to bring the Pascal Programming for Schools project and PGD close so that we can help each other grow the popularity and fun of the Pascal and Object Pascal languages.

I'd like to ask you guys what do you think of PGD? What can we do to make it better for you guys? And how can we bring more students just learning CS to PGD? Please feel free to be frank and honest, this is for the improvement of PGD.