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Thread: Win/Linux/Mac OSX Sound API with no .DLL/.SO dependencies?

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    I had a weird idea one day, putting Delphis TMediaPlayer in a dll so it could be used with Lazarus for musics... That component never failed me with MP3's. Other than that i used to have OpenAL ogg player for Delphi but i haven't managed to get that working with Lazarus.

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    I use OpenAL with FPC. No problems, except that Apple's OpenAL implementation seems less that satisfactory. I have seen reports of rather severe bugs.

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    Thanks for the info Ingemar
    I don't know if I will be able to port my game to Mac OS X any time soon - I don't have any Mac hardware, and haven't been able to get OS X working in a virtual machine to test either

    That will have to wait for some future time

    On the upside, I have gotten it to work on Windows and now Linux (Ubuntu), Yay! This is thanks to me using SDL, OpenGL, and OpenAL


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    Didn't I hear someone mentioning that the problems with playing sounds in SDL was fixed? Maybe wishful thinking but there was a thread about sound libraries in the Mac game programming mailing list.

    I really don't want to use Core Audio. It is yet another platform dependent library, and a messy one for that matter.

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    For crossplatforming I certaintly would recommend OpenAL, available for every platform (as it lets you reuse the same code and it just works), combined with libogg/libmad makes it very easy to play ogg or mp3 everywhere.
    I had zero problems with it in all platforms I've tested (basically all of them)
    There is just a situation that I found that required a different solution. Decoding of mp3/ogg in iOS (and possibly Android) is quite slow if done in software, and there I just use the native audio library that uses the hardware decoder (ogg not supported though).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relfos View Post
    I had zero problems with it in all platforms I've tested (basically all of them)
    Were you playing in more than two channels simultaneously? With different volume in each channel?

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    Do you have any source code for the MP3 or OGG playing for OpenAL? I have been unable to play any musics with OpenAL on Lazarus be it just Win32.

    But i'm pretty happy about BASS at the moment. It should work on many platforms, but best of all, it's easy to use and supports wide variety of formats. I do like the MOD/XM formats aswell and they are played as easily as WAV with BASS, on many channels, and with 3D pos if needed.

    And best of all, it's free for non commercial projects like most games i make should be.

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