I want to give a quick overview of what's happening right now Elysion-development wise:
- Jesse added shader and post-processing support (OpenGL 2.0 is needed for that, of course; but if the application is run on OpenGL 1.1 cards, the application will still work, just without shaders)
- RTTI support for TelObject
- CSS support (which is build upon RTTI); You can add styles to any node, for example calling TelNode.Apply('left: 0; top: 0'); positions the node at the top-left of the screen; you will also be able to load stylesheets from file in the future
- Entity/Component-Model: Although this hasn't been fully tested yet, you are able to define different components and add them to entities (very similar to Unity)
- Jesse is currently working on a Pascal-like scripting engine

Those changes are currently only private at the moment, as those changes have been built for Wolkenwelt. If the Wolkenwelt development gets less crazy and hectic, the changes will be uploaded to the main Elysion repository. Elysion has always been extended to the functionality it needs based on the current game that is being developed with.

I know, there hasn't been a release in a while, but at the moment building release applications does not work on Mac OS X Lion, as there is something wrong with my build shell script.