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Thread: Scripting System

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    Scripting System

    I've finally completed my coursework for my A-Level maths and I'm left with some free time so instead of playing counter-strike, I decided to devote some of it to writing a tutorial for the forums My initial idea is a scripting system with a JIT compiler, with external function calling and variable references, the sort of things you'd expect from a scripting system Who's interested in making a scripting system and would like to see some things added to the tutorial/article specifically?

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    Scripting System

    Sure, why not - the more tutorials sitting around here, the better! Remember to take a look at Innerfuse Pascal Script if you've not already. I've not yet, but it seems very well featured and I think it's open source too.
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    Scripting System

    Scripting is something I'm sure we'd all benefit from (helping with AI big time) so yeah! go for it. Even if no one else does, I'll read it.
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    Scripting System

    Just had a glance over at the IFPS page, looks good I'm at college at the moment on a damn motorola chip, have to fiddle with it when I get back home

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    Scripting System

    Haven't fiddled with a Motorola chip since the Sinclair QL.

    All those registers.... yearn..... yearn....

    Like the idea of a scripting project.

    Be nice if it was able to define new functions, recurse, tickle the chip directly (fast maths, & graphics), control applications as well as be embeddable inside a Delphi prog.
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    Scripting System

    I've been thinking of doing something like this myself. It hasn't got off the ground yet, though :roll:
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    Scripting System

    I think as it'll be a work in progress sort of thing that I provide a link to the sections on my website as I complete them I'm going to write the system in the way that the reader already knows about compiler theory, and concentrate on bytecode, JIT compiling, linking to functions, procedures and variables in the executable, etcetc

    I'll post a link to the page when I get it set up, which should be tomorrow night if everything goes according to plan with college work

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    I'd read any good or at least serious script engine article

    Good idea - write all u want, I'll read it, as long as it's script engine writing in Delphi

    Way to go, and good luck!


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    Scripting System

    How about do the article about includeing DWS as a scripting engine into a game?
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    Scripting System

    Quote Originally Posted by cairnswm
    How about do the article about includeing DWS as a scripting engine into a game?
    I personally think that a good article on how to make a system of your own is better than how to use someone else's. I understand that there are some users who are interested in - more or less - just getting to the point, that is actually scripting something. I prefer writing my own system though, and it would be very interesting if someone would share ideas on how to solve some of the tricky things involved. I think that DreamScript may be a good solution for someone looking for something to interface with a script engine with, or DWS as a stand alone engine suitable for web programming.

    I think it would be cool if there could be a pure technical article, explaining how to write an engine of your own, and there could be some links to other articles explaining just interfacing with other script engines. There could be a poll where people could inform the author of the technical article, if there should be an article about interfacing as well - that is, if the linked articles does not satisfy the ones reading 'em, there could be a seperate new article explaining interfacing (or linking, or whatever ya want to call it).


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