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Thread: Elysion Version 1.0a released

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    Elysion Version 1.0a released

    Yeah, new version!
    It has been a while since the least release in May, so here is what changed and it's a whole lot: (taken from the changelog)
    + Added: ElysionTypes.Border, ElysionTypes.BorderRadius, ElysionTypes.ExtValues (Data types for CSS-like styling)
    * Replaced: TelNode.Offset is now TelNode.Origin (for rotation offset) and TelNode.Margin (for position offset)
    + Added: TelNode.Border and TelNode.Padding
    + Added: ElysionTypes.TelGaugeFloat (= ElysionTypes.TelGauge) and ElysionTypes.TelGaugeInt (Non-visual gauge data type that can be used for health bars, progress, etc.)
    + Added: Custom bounding box rectangle support for TelSprite (TelSprite.CustomBBox)
    + Added: Better handling bounding boxes in TelSprite using TelSprite.BoundingBox (also includes better support for per-pixel collision in TelSprite.MouseOver and TelSprite.Click)
    + Added: Additional collision detection such as a sprite colliding with a sprite list
    * Fixed: TelNode events are no longer abstract by default
    + Added: function ElysionTypes.IsInRange (checks if a value in between a min and max value), was previously a part of the default template in uBasic.pas
    * Fixed (#43): Origin for TelSprite is now its center, not 0px 0px (top left corner)
    * Fixed: DrawLine functions now have TelVector2f as parameters instead of TelVector2i
    * Fixed: Nodes (TelNode and its derivates, such as TelSprite) can be added to scenes (In which case the scene handles the draw and update calls of the added node; as seen in Cocos2D or Adobe Flash)
    + Added (#46): ElysionScene.TelSceneList and ElysionScene.TelSceneDirector
    + Added (#46): Integrated ElysionScene.TelSceneDirector into ElysionScene.TelGame
    + Added (#46): TelGroupedScene: A scene which can have sub-scenes (usage is very similar to TelSceneDirector)
    + Added (#46): Parent property for scenes (Parent is either a TelGroupedScene or TelSceneDirector)
    + Added (#45): Out-of-the-box support Lazarus on Mac OS X (including debugging), requires at least Lazarus 0.9.30
    * Fixed: Z-Sorting (previously any Z values other the standard value would result in the node not showing up at all)
    * Fixed (#54): Alpha value would not show up correctly
    * Fixed (#55): Some animators would not work correctly (like the color animator for example)
    * Fixed (#19): The issue of an access violation showing when the application closes is now fixed correctly (no work-around any more)
    * Fixed (#41): Mac OS X building uses InstantFPC now
    + Added (#39): Shader support
    + Added (#20): Component-/entity-system similar to Unity3D
    + Added (#13): Camera management (See TelCamera in ElysionCamera.pas)

    As already said in the "News" thread, this is the last version that supports FreePascal 2.4.x officially and older Delphi versions up to around 2005 unofficially. All upcoming Elysion versions will only work with FreePascal 2.6.x and higher or Delphi 2010 and higher.
    Also, We are back to a standard versioning system, no more YY-MM versions any more.
    (1.0 series will be FPC 2.4 compatible, 1.5 and up is FPC 2.6 compatible)

    The biggest changes are scene management (which has been stable for a while, but hasn't been in an official release so far) and camera management. On Mac OS X, you can now run and debug the application from within Lazarus. Which is a pretty big deal, those of you who tried debugging a SDL application and getting the Lazarus app bundle to work correctly, know.
    The Mac Release build script has been completely rewritten and now uses FreePascal and InstantFPC instead of Shell Script.

    You can download Version 1.0a here and be sure to read the wiki on how to get started. If you find any bugs, please report them through Github.
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