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Thread: stencil shadow volume

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    stencil shadow volume

    until know i used projective stencil shadows, but they work only with planes like a floor or wall. So i decided to take the step to stencil shadow volumes. But to no avail yet. Are the some tutorials that explain the topic in plain english?

    I tried looking at the stencil shadow volume example from but that only seem to be able to cast shadows from a plane? I would like to cast a shadow volume from one mesh on another mesh. - create adventure games without programming

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    stencil shadow volume

    Try Googleing on the topic. There's a Delphi demo of it at Delphi3d

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    stencil shadow volume

    i know that demo, but i dont understand it, i dont need a demo, i need some documentation that explains what is going on in plain english.

    Also googling led me to numerous examples i even tried implementing some, but i get no shadows out of them other then with the supplied mesh. There must be something special on that mesh. As casting with a complicated mesh needs some extra do, the delphi3d demo does that, but i cannot quit follow it. It is supposed to find a siloutte using edges? - create adventure games without programming

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    stencil shadow volume

    I stopped trying to get shadows working, i do get something that sometimes looks good (zpas), but not always. So i propably need zfail, but i cannot seem to be able to implement that.

    Is there some good explanation on how to create an silhoutte? I looked at the nehe tutotial on the subject, but it seems that the tutorial is different from the supplied sourcecode?

    Is not there a shadow volume tutorial for dummies or the likes? - create adventure games without programming

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    stencil shadow volume

    ive also got the nehe demo in front of me (delphi and c++) but ive got my mesh structure as vertex array, normal array, and the indexes to them in a face record. im stuck on the connectivity (doesnt help that all the comments in the delphi version arent english )

    noeska, mabey we can work together to get both our codes working well :lol:

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    stencil shadow volume

    yes, would be ok. But i cannot spend time on it in the next week. Also i still do not understand connectivity yet fully. Tomorow i will dig up my code so far on the subject. Be aware that it uses gl3ds. - create adventure games without programming

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    stencil shadow volume

    my mesh structure is based on TFile3DS (is ures similar?) so it shouldnt be too big a problem

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    stencil shadow volume - create adventure games without programming

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    stencil shadow volume

    if you're interested, i found this tutorial very good:
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    stencil shadow volume

    most of the nvidia sdk stuff doesnt run on my r 9700

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