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Thread: Asphyre 0100 Release

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    Asphyre 0100 Release

    Asphyre is a new generation of delphi components that aid the game development. This library resembles its predecessor PowerDraw and contains improvements and new features, mainly in its graphics core. Now it also comes with a small open-source game "Hasteroids" which shows you what you can expect from the library itself and shows some of its features...

    Download the library from, or directly and Hasteroids from

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    Asphyre 0100 Release

    Thats what I've been waiting for...

    Great work Lifepower!

    Hasteroids is a VERY good example for everone. Just played a round. really cool what you've done there...

    Best regards,

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    Asphyre 0100 Release

    I guess Lifepower has forgotten to meantion, but he has made a bit of an update release to Asphyre, it's now at version 0102.

    Comments are looking good thus far, nice work LP!
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development

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    Asphyre 0100 Release

    The updates were minor changes which do not affect the general working of Asphyre.
    He has graduations this week and is very out of time at the moment. I think we will hear something from him when he has finished his graduation.
    I wish him good luck for this, and once again, very good work Lifepower!

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    Asphyre 0100 Release

    Just a quick note... Asphyre 1.03 is available, check New version features some bug-fixes (but not all of them!) and most important - ASCII renderer with a small example, so download Asphyre and do something for TMDC! It's located at


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