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    I'm working on a little 3D Engine with Delphi and Direct X. A few screenshots and downloads are available on my homepage. Unfortunately the Homepage is in german but I think the Screenshots say the most. Perhaps I translate the HP into english.

    Here you can find the Screenshots:

    Simply click on the Screenshot Links.
    JALE- Just another little Engine

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    Looks great!

    I'll download it later and have a look

    Here's good place to translate your pages

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    I prefer this:

    Looks nice! What tech is involved/planned for the future? (I think I saw BSP/PVS/Portals?). Also, you might want to have a look at this if you're interested.

    Here's your page after it's been translated five times through different languages:

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    Thx Alimonster,

    I already visited that side before. The next I'm working on, is to implement an improved terrain class and the Delphi Web Script language to write Scripts. As you mentioned you saw a BSP class with a PVS system. The generator can be downloaded from my homepage.
    JALE- Just another little Engine


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