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Thread: X-Mas 2011: What did you get/are you playing?

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    Cool X-Mas 2011: What did you get/are you playing?

    Hey everyone! Knowing the community that's here and of course that Christmas has just come and gone; What games/systems did you get and what are you currently playing?

    I didn't get any new systems this year, though I was considering the cool exceptionally cool Nintendo 3DS which I got to try at my wife's store last weekend before Christmas. They were demoing Mario Kart 7 on one of the systems that head office got them to hand to people in the store to try.

    The thing that impressed me the most was how nice the 3D actually looked without glasses. Tilt the screen too far to the left or right from centre of the field of view and you'd get a double image though. Overall it was still impressive and I think that Nintendo really has something going here. Not sure if it would translate well enough to 3D TVs, but it's worth it for a handheld.

    I also got to play with the 3D camera and took a few pictures of the inside of the store with it. The built in tool lets to virtually move your head around a bit and see what it would be like to get that 3D motion effect.

    Another cool feature was the depth of 3D and the fact that if it hurts your head, you can just turn it off with a slider switch, mid-game action even.

    If only there were more titles for it other than Nintendo brand games I'd be more interested.

    However I didn't get one of those so here is what I am actually playing...
    • Spider-Man Edge of Time (long-time Spidey fan)
    • Sonic Generations (Love the old-school game-play)
    • and the 1st Ratchet & Clank (fun game, everything is so life-like!)

    Between Christmas (thank you wifey!) and Boxing Day, I got at least 25+ new games to play for my PS3.

    Something I got for her that we are both enjoying is the new Skylanders game. lol I know I know big-time marketing scheme. But it is a fun game even if a lot of the game-play focuses on collecting abilities of all these cute little figures to play in the game. As a hard core geek however, the cost of the statues is well worth the detail and attractiveness of the figures themselves so it's not such a bad thing really.

    BTW does anyone know where I can find any of those Dragon Quest figures at a decent price? (other than ebay)

    Other games that I got, and can remember include:
    • LA Noir
    • X-Men Destiny
    • Ratchet & Clank 2 & 3
    • Batman Arkham City
    • Rayman Origins
    • Resistance 1-3
    • LEGO Star Wars 3
    • LEGO Indiana Jones 2
    • Prince of Persia Classic Collection
    • God of War: Origins Collection

    That's my Christmas, how is yours?
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    Didn't get anything worth mentioning at christmas... umm, chocolate? But there are 2 games that have stood out for me during December: Skyrim and Portal 2. (I only play PC games...)

    And now back to coding I'm at a turning point with my game engine where i have fixed all bugs that i got with model class overhaul, and started adding new features.

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    I got Epic Mickey, an anime series, a DVD, bluetooth adapter, wireless Wii sensor bar, and a Logitech G500 gaming mouse. I don't really play a lot of mouse-intensive games, but I'm extremely hard on keyboards and mice, so with my recent upgrades of both, I'm hoping I can get 2-3 years out of them. Also, the mouse is super comfy and supports lots of goodies I will never utilize fully (e.g. macros and about 4000dpi more than I need ). It also came with some weights so I was able to make the mouse feel perfect.

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    Well, I'm probably old fashioned, but I'm against gaming consoles just as I'm against social networks, so no, I don't have any. Am trying to stay away from them like a plague.

    During the entire Christmas I've spent most of my time writing research project and work plan, but in the free time been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadows of Chernobyl. I own other two sequels in the series (Clear Sky and Call for Pripyat), but this original game is what I like the most. It's scary environment (just being inside of Lab X-18 can scare the hell out of you the first time you play it), excellent atmosphere, realistic ballistics and high replayability makes it one of my favorite first person shooters.

    Also am planning to purchase X-Plane to practice as one of my plans for the next year is to take flight courses. (Just hope to pass the damn medical test as my 90% vision is not getting any better and have mild hypertension.)

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    Well! I have so little time to play, but on the free time I'm playing Zelda Skyward Sword on Nintendo Wii and after finish this I have Star Wars - Force Unleashed 1 to play on my XBox 360 (I have already finished this on the Playstation 2 years ago, but the Xbox version seems to be very different).

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    I got a Neo FreeRunner that I plan to write an OS for(in pascal of course)
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    Okay, if that counts, I will start playing the Ukulele tomorrow ...
    Best regards,

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    I mostly played Orc must Die this christmas and besides that, I played other Steam games to get some prizes from the Great Gift Pile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lifepower View Post
    Also am planning to purchase X-Plane to practice as one of my plans for the next year is to take flight courses. (Just hope to pass the damn medical test as my 90% vision is not getting any better and have mild hypertension.)
    I tried X-Plane by one of my firends about a year ago and I must say that I was disapointed about the game realism.
    For instance when you stall a plane by reducing the airspeed the plane's nose just suddenly drops down, while with real plane the plane will always roll to the lef or to the right before the nose will drop down. Also in certain conditions the real plane's nose wont drop down but the plane will stil begin faling down (asending with a verry steep angle). If you try this in X-PLane the plane's nose will just drop down.
    While cockpit instruments do look realistic, they doesn't represent the real layout.
    Also if my memory serves me corect X-Plane doesn't support radio comunication simulation.
    For long time Flight Unlimited 3 has been considered to have the most realistic radio comunication simulation. The game supported "Ground controll" comunication, "Tower comunication" and even "Area approach" comunication. Area approach has been done well enough to guide you from one airport to another without any problem even warning you when another plane was in your close vicinity. In one instance it even guided me safetly around the storm that was between my starting position and my destination.
    I belive that latest Microsoft Flight Simulator simulates radio comunication even better than Flight Unlimited 3 but I haven't try it jet.

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    sinking many hours into Skyrim - awesome game
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