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For start I just want to do graphics only. I dont know if I this engine is going to be suitable for games. This just for fun!!! But I would like to make something like an simple rpg, with anime-like characters.
Well getting into graphics I'd recommend JEDI-SDL to start. It's mostly 2D which is the best way to start with graphics to understand how to work with sprites, loading and unloading these and other "assets." Then you can move onto other libraries and API to do more advanced stuff.

As much as RPGs might be fun to play, I'd steer WAY clear of them for learning to program. They require way too much premade graphics and take a huge amount of development time. Most new programmers try to do an RPG as a first project and give up on programming altogether. Instead why not try some more classic game models like Pac-Man, Pong or a simple shooter?

These other alternatives might not seem as exciting as making the next Final Fantasy, but trust me you'll learn nothing more or different from making and RPG other than you shouldn't have started with an RPG.

Other alternatives could also be a platformer, scrolling shooter, maze game (like Pac-man, Lock-n-Chase or Night Stalker) or a puzzle game.

These are of course just my recommendations.