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Thread: Pre April 2014 - Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here....

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    That also sems nice.

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    bayonet foHeado

    Hello everybody from another Delphi fan. Let me in please.

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    beltar welcome to PGD! I hope your stay here would be as pleasent as posible.
    Plese do some more browsing through our forums so that autopromotiuon system can kick in and unmoderate you so you would be able to post anywhere around the forum.
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    I'm HappyMember, programming "almost daily" for 6 years and not satisfied with the code generated by compilers.

    In the present day I am making games in "x86 Assembly" using game libraries compiled by Free Pascal for Linux based systems only (Why? (answer below)).

    Windows has too many games + It isn't free + The work involved to feed a giant is not worthy.

    I do this just for fun and pleasure, I do not intend to make money or sell them in any way. I don't even play the games when I finish them (LOL!).

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    Welcome HappyMember.

    Programming in x86 Assembly... You're mad...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ñuño Martínez View Post
    Welcome HappyMember.
    Thank you!

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    PGDCE Developer
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    Oct 2011
    Blumenau/SC, Brazil
    Hello, I'm Marco Cestari, a Delphi/C# coder from Brazil.

    Registered some years ago, and never participated to the community, but now, I'm getting interested to delphi game dev again

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    Hi Marco I have aproved your post so now all you need to do is do some more browsing around the forum so autopromotion can kick in and unmoderate you. This will then alow you to freely post around the forum.
    If for some reason this doesn't happen do contact me.

    BTW welcome back.

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    PGDCE Developer
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    Oct 2011
    Blumenau/SC, Brazil
    Thank You

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    Hi. Some of you may remember me. I certainly remember all of you with whom I ever communicated before and the good help I received. Another 'Thanks' to you all. And also a hello to everyone.

    A little history:
    As a kid I dabbled a bit in Turbo Pascal (and possibly C) and never really seriously continued programming due to other interests and activities. Occasionally I went back to programming for fun and learning purposes and I was busy using and learning at different points in time Pascal, C, C++ and D and eventually more in regard to games. I visited this forum in the past some years ago and, since certain things happened in life, did not visit anymore nor did I continue learning programming.
    Lately, my interest in programming has sparked up again and I have been using D and Prolog (for knowledge and logic and fun), and prefer at the moment Pascal for general structural procedural programming. I could use some refreshments and so far it has been going reasonably well.

    While I'm at it, I immediately have some questions to ask, heh heh heh

    Some questions:
    Now, I've been going through the forum and have been using a search engine, but I cannot find any link nor information about available books on programming with FreePascal and SDL. Aren't there any books available, preferrably good books to be recommended? The kinds of books that really "get at it" in a clear manner. What I mean is that, among other important things, they also teach you how to be creative in programming and how to think like a programmer to solve certain problems.

    Also, if one uses a 64-bits version of Windows, what exact SDL.dll should be used?

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