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Thread: Pre April 2014 - Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here....

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    Hello yougofar and welcome to PGD!
    I hope your stay here will be as pleasant as posible. Please do some more browsing though the forums for autopromotion system to kick in and unmoderate you so you will be able to post freely around the site.

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    Unhappy develop a system :/

    hi guys! im newbie here,, so basically i dont know where i should post question in this website... and i'm just posting my question here,,

    please help me!

    my teacher ask me to create a system that cover all chapter that we learn (file, array 1D &2D , procedure and function, record),, seriously I have no idea at all, and im bad in programming..

    can someone help me,, what should i do?? plisss

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    Welcome hafizah.sukri to PGD forums!
    PGD website is mostly focused on developing games and this require athleast some basic knowledge of programming. So this site might not be the best one you are searching for.
    To learn more basics on Objective Pascal Programming I would recomend you visit as it provides many articles which are more suited to newbie Pascal programmers. So by using that site you could lear a lot about working with arrays, procedures, functions, records and many more.
    And once your programming skils improve and if you decide to go with game development you will probably find PGD site most usefull. But now if your programming skils are prety weak you would proably have much trouble understanding many things here.

    EDIT: I'm woking on a tutorial which should bring game development a bit closer to those with less programming expirience but unfortunately progress on it is quite slow due to limited free time I have to work on it. So I'm afraid it probably won't be finished so soon.
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    Don't forget the very informative site:
    (AFAIK there are also array tutorials online)
    Best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybermonkey View Post
    Don't forget the very informative site:
    (AFAIK there are also array tutorials online)
    Yes I forgot about that one.
    To me when you mention beginner pascal programmer first thing I always think of is delphi.about since I learned most of what I know from there.

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    New member

    Hi guys .
    I'm a fan of pascal programming and would like to build a little game I hope in your help.


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    Hi, i am Zimond (Ben Maas)

    I am into Turbo Pascal and Delphi since .. uhm... 1998? Clever AntiSpam feature btw.

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    Hello guys!

    my name is Bio and i want to learn some more about opengl and delphi.
    Right now, i want to expand on opengl-lighting, maybe with the help of shaders.
    So there is a lot to learn i guess.

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    Uhm hi.. again... do i need to do something else to get activated? I posted something in here several days ago. Thanks.

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    Just came aboard and Puerto Rico based. Work with Delphi since version 4. Currently getting acquainted with XE5, but have applications still running in Delphi 6 that would like to keep in that version to avoid a major conversion. Looking for an MD5 hash converter running under RFC 1321 Delphi 6 compatible. Blessings!!

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