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Thread: Pre April 2014 - Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here....

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    @Wolfen, @Zimond, @BionicWave, @OFFIPLUS
    Welcome guys to PGD comunity. I have aproved your posts which means that all you have to do now is to do some more browsing through the forums for the autopromotion system to kick in and unmoderate you.
    I apologize for not aproving your posts earlier but I haven't been quite active lately.

    Anywhay I hope your stay here would be as pleasant as posible.

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    Hello everyone :)

    Hi, I'm a currently a student in Lithuanian gymnasium and i'm studying programming with pascal at the moment i'm only just a beginner, but i came here to learn more about programming. I decided to study it because i found it extremly fun to code and of course i like games.So i have a dream to create one. Well in short i came here to learn to code games and also it would be nice to find some friends so that's about me

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    Welcome to PGD comunity! I hope your stay here will be as pleasant as posible.
    I have aproved your post so all you have to do is some more browsing throught the forums for autopromotion system to kick in and unmoderate you so you will be able to post freely around.

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    Hi, I have registered long time ago in this site but after about 10 years doing graphics design and very far from pascal games programming I'm trying to get back into it, so I think I also deserve a new welcome again
    I think I going to share some of my experiences in this forum during this new journey to contribute to revive it ... because currently seems a bit dead


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    Welcome all to PGD, I hope your stay is a good one


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    heroes of the past soundtrack

    hey all,
    I may be in the wrong forum as I'm not a programmer, but I've been playing Heroes of the Past: Joan of Arc, and I love the game, especially the music. Where can I buy a soundtrack?
    Keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiesedai View Post
    Where can I buy a soundtrack?
    You can find more information about where to get music in this thread:

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    bbs programmer

    i'm sudden death i am working on programming a bbs software in fpc/lazarus for linux

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    Hello everyone, I'm a 15 y.o currently learning Pascal at school. I'm not that experienced with it, barely scratched the surface actually, but I'm looking to further my skills! As a project I'm making a text based adventure game, but I'm just having some problems with it, mainly not knowing how to do stuff due to lack of experience, so I'm here! I'm actually really glad that this site exists, I'll be sure to use it lots!

    Anyway, hello! I look forward to working with you all!

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    ... umm this is "first post here". Hope I understand it well.

    Thank you.

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