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Thread: Pre April 2014 - Welcome to PGD! Make your first post here....

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    Long time Pascal Enthusiat, love learning and growing more. Utilizing FPC on Mac OS X.

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    Hello @maven, @age, @demoman and welcome to PGD!
    I hope your stay here will be as pleasant as possible.
    Your posts have been aproved. Please do some more browsing though the forums for autopromotion system to kick in and umoderate you.

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    Hi anyone who has signed up, posted here and then been waiting to be approved...

    We operate an automatic promotions system, once you've posted here and had the post approved by a moderator, you MUST come back to the site and surf a little, there's lots to read, but this step is crucial as the promotion system won't promote you if it believes you're not active. And in it's eyes, you aren't active if the system hasn't seen you since you matched the promotion criteria.

    So, I can't stress this enough, you must come back and surf AFTER your first post has been approved.

    Unfortunately this is a necessary step to try and keep spam out of the system.
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