Important - The links etc. in this post may no longer be valid - AthenaOfDelphi (PGD Community Manager)

Hello all new members and a very warm welcome to Pascal Game Development, or PGD for short.

This is a friendly community of game, library and tool developers who use Pascal-based languages to program. I think it's safe to say that this community is rather unique in both context and range of it's members. There is everyone from students to professional game developers who work on games for a living right here in the very community you have become a part of. And we are always looking to meet new Pascal developers and see some of the cool things that you are working on.

First few things to do here:

This is a great community, but it also has a lot of features and information that might not stand out as well as we had hoped. In an effort to help guide you a bit before you start exploring the site, here are a few things you might want to check out first!

  1. Have a read of the FAQ; (There is a link under the Forum tab of the site menu!)

  2. Make your first post here by clicking the Reply button!
    • This is important as it will allow us to know you want to be un-moderated and start posting on the site!
    • This also allows you to introduce yourself and start meeting other developers on the site.

  3. Bookmark us! (You will want to come back and visit often don't you?)

  4. Come back later and check back up on us. It may take a bit of time to approve your posts and set you as a Regular Member, but unless you come back, it won't do you any good. And we really do want you to be a member of the site!
    • Besides just forums, we also post exciting news and announcements on the site's home page!
    • Each month I post a News Round-up informing you what happened in the last little while. (Can you tell what my gaming/geeky t-shirts are from?)
    • There is an RSS Feed you can subscribe to!

A Note on Spam:

Another thing our members enjoy is the complete lack of visible spam in our forums! Not every forum can say the same. Look for some, we dare you! You can email either myself at or any of the other staff at PGD and we'll do our best to find out how it got there, remove it and prevent it from showing up again.

We would like to make your use of PGD as nice and friendly as possible, however the only sure way to keep the spammers from getting to you is to be 100% sure that you are indeed human before letting you post anywhere on the site. Spam bots are getting smarter and are learning to get past even the most renowned "human verification" measures such as even Google's reCAPTCHA. As such the only way to keep them out completely is to put an actual person on it.

Fear not, we won't forget about you and we do frequent check-ups on the site to approve posts, delete the hidden spam attempts and 'un-moderate' new members. (That's you!)

So please make this thread your first place you post and tell us something about yourself...