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  • Google+

    6 30.00%
  • Twitter

    8 40.00%
  • Facebook

    17 85.00%
  • YouTube

    13 65.00%
  • Reddit

    0 0%
  • Digg

    0 0%
  • Stumbleupon

    2 10.00%
  • Tumblr

    0 0%
  • LinkedIn

    2 10.00%
  • RSS

    4 20.00%
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Thread: What kind of social networks are you using?

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    Question What kind of social networks are you using?

    Hey everyone, just wanted to get a general idea of what kind of social networks were popular amoung Pascal developers an if there is interest in some of the newer ones.

    What social syndication networks are you using right now?
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    None, or does watching silly videos every now and then on YouTube count as "using a social network"?
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    I use Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (occasionally)

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    To be honest I spend more time checking news on PGD than on Facebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by vgo View Post
    None, or does watching silly videos every now and then on YouTube count as "using a social network"?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one. By the way, I wouldn't count YouTube as a social networking and I do use it occasionally for watching musical videos.

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    Google+ and Facebook mainly; Youtube and stumbleupon to waste my spare time
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    None. Call me paranoid, but I dont like it how you create an account and then one day you find your info all over the place, because they decided to change the rules. (On a related note, the EU has announced today new proposals to give people more rights over what websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn may store and when so asked, may nolonger store in the event of account deletion.)

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    None of the above. When asked "why", I usually reply that if keeping in touch with someone is of meaning to me, there are many many ways to do it - call me anachronic, but I absolutely love handwritten letters. Also, if thou really are friends with someone, then you can not change a word in a year and it will still feel as if you met yesterday. Meanwhile, social networks tend to be filled with "friends" who thou've last seen half a millenia ago, and even then you didn't really like eachother. Besides, as Traveler wrote, I am uncomfortable with the thought of spreading my personal info.

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    Some times I enter to Twitter and writes some blamming or retweet a funny message, but I can't say it's something "social". Actually I don't know why I still visiting it...

    A question: Is RSS a social network? How? I use RSS to look new stuff in my favourite websites, but I can't see the "social" of it.
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