Name: Blast-off
Genre: Jet Jumper
Description: The game about jumping. The goal is to jump as high as you can. There is no usual platforms that can be used to jumping but enemies. Player cant touch enemies but can blast it instead. The shock wave will give you some acceleration. Closer explosion - more power to shock wave - faster moving.
Ofc there is some bonuses. Acceleration platforms, energy cells, shield and even JetPack!
Developers: Zbl & Darthman
Info: The game was made for IGDC contest (and we win it). All development took less than 10 evenings and nights to us.
Please note that HELP page is still in russian, so you can ask me about anything you want to.

[IMG=http://i31.fastpic.ru/thumb/2012/0207/ba/06c66bda8e7bd7e081466880368a1cba.jpeg] [IMG=http://i32.fastpic.ru/thumb/2012/0207/5d/f4cffc1e2a30773c3269d15240abbc5d.jpeg] [IMG=http://i27.fastpic.ru/thumb/2012/0207/67/6ab3531092b809a964e786158e3cae67.jpeg]

Gameplay video:

Download 3.6Mb