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Thread: PNG Delphi Lib

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    PNG Delphi Lib

    Hi guys, I don't know where to post components, so I put it here in the personal projects area. Hope you enjoy this one, as I see most of you were unable to find it on the web. Basicly it's the PNG Delphi Lib v1.56, not sure if there is an updated one else where. This one works up to D2007, it also include some useful components like button, speedbutton and imagelist. I rename the original component from TPNGObject to TPNGImage, just because it has sense to me.

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    Oh excellent! Lots of people would love a source-only PNG load/save library.

    How versatile is it? What color formatting does it support, etc?

    One of the best features of PNG for games is not only that it's a lossless compression, but also that it supports a whole alpha channel.
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    That is a bit obscure to me. Only thing I know for sure is that it is the last library available before Borland take over the original. It's the one called PNGDelphi on Source Forge, v1.564. I'm sure it works with every PNG, the ones I try to load and display, show the expected result compared with Gimp for example. So I think the supported format is RGBA. (need to learn about this asap)

    If anyone is interested, I also have sources codes of libraries for other formats, jpg, tga, gif, pcx, tiff, iff (yup, I have skills in archeology too) and some other, they are somewhere in a dark and dusty place in my hdd. I also use GR32 that can be found in source forge, the creator asks for a donation if you like.

    (I think the forum needs a thread to post components only)
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    I have the BeRo libraries too, they allow to read png. But they didn't allow to write your own bitmaps. That's why I have this lib, with it you can make screenshots in png format .
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