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Thread: Buying new SSD drive

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    Buying new SSD drive

    Hi guys!
    I'm thinking of upgrading my laptop computer with SSD drive (laptop alows me to have two disk drives at once). As I don't have much expirience with SSD drives I would apretiate werry much for any suggestions about buying the right one (good reliability, decent performance for a decent price, etc.).

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    When I decided to buy a SSD I read a bit some articles/forums, and the best options for me were SSD's from Intel and Crucial. And I bought Crucial RealSSD C400(CT064M4SSD2). Price and size good enough and my ArchLinux now works as fast as a rocket

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    I've recently build two new PC's, who both contain a crucial m4 128GB SSD (link). So far, I've found that an SSD gives you a tremendous speed boost which is worth the money. You have to consider that traditional harddrives are VERY slow and they are usually the performance bottleneck. My new PC can boot in approximately 10 seconds and programs load very quickly.

    I've heard some bad things about the Sandforce Storage controllers used by a lot of SSD's. I guess most sandforce chips don't have any problems, but when they do, they are usually quite serious problems, so better look out for those. The Crucial SSD's dont use these chips.

    and my ArchLinux now works as fast as a rocket
    Yes, My new PC also runs arch. It has an SSD in it, but I don't think arch really needs it since it's super fast anyways haha
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