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Thread: Could this be the Future of Computer Science Education?

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    Could this be the Future of Computer Science Education?

    An interesting game project that is actually designed to teach you how to program games. The concept is cool, but how well does this actually teach you how to code? Should we hold it to their ultimate end goal (teaching gamers how to code) or should we just enjoy the game and the cool new innovative concept of it?

    The project has already ended and was successfully funded, but you can get more information on it right here on their Kickstarter page:
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development

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    I know for a game wich is even more interesting than that and wich was developed with a purpose to actualy teach pepole (children) of programing.
    The game is caled Colobot
    Unfortunatly the game doesn't teach pascal but C++ based programing language.
    The game is werry interested and I spent weeks playing it. I even managed to learn a bit of C++ in it.

    Some day in the future I plan on making similar game wich will promote learning of pascal based programing language. I will probably use pascal script in it for that. But curently I don't have enough game development expirience to achive that.

    EDIT: There is another game (project) caled MindRover wich theaches the base logic about programing but does not fix to certain programing language but infact alows you to program by conecting various components (lgoic gates, variables, constants, etc.) with special links.
    Unfortunatly the project seems to be canceled. Even the web page is missing most of its content.
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    I definitely agree with this kind of approach to programming, from a learning point of view, one can go in and play with the mechanics to see the cause and effect in real time. the game as a whole is too much to think about for a beginner which is why modding is so popular. I was modding long before I started to thing about making my own engine. the problem with most mod able games is that the tools given suck and so many would be modders are overwhelmed right for the start. the text editor has severed us well and will continue to do so in the future but as games and programs become larger and more complex we need to explore new ways to interact with them both from a learning point of view and just being able to work on such large projects in an effect manner. My vision is to create a game engine that we work on from the inside so the game engine is the editor and the compile is integrated into the engine. when we make changes to lazarus we can apply those changes and reboot to exactly where we were, like we never left at all. so why shouldn't our game engine be able to do the same.

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