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Thread: Machina Engine DevPascal - IDE for Free Pascal

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    Post Machina Engine DevPascal - IDE for Free Pascal

    This is a simple project, but usefull. I started this because I wanna a better interface than the oficial FPC.exe. The page of the project is a post in my blog:

    The main feature is a multi-document interface. And, from the IDE, the user will be able to configure the compiler.

    Initial screen:
    Screen with open file:
    Preferences screen:

    Thank you for your attention!

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    That would be cool to have something simpler than Lazarus and with same(and greater) functionality for code editing and debugging, so I will watch progress of this project

    PS: there was one DevPascal long time ago.

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    Looks good, I hope this is going to be multi platform.
    Best regards,

    Pulsar2D framework:

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    Sounds like a good idea.

    May I suggest for the editor to facilitate some code typing techniques that are currently present in Delphi, like when you type "begin" and then hit enter, it automatically adds "end", thus saving some amount of your time. This is a single feature I loved since the release of Delphi 2006.

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    Andru: I knew I had heard this name before!

    Cybermonkey: It is a goal. I'm using Delphi to develop this but I will convert the code to Lazarus, and then compile for others platforms. Just for now, it is fow Windows.

    Lifepower : I am working on this! I like this feature too. Another feature I will put is that when you click [Left Mouse Button + Ctrl] in a word, and then the editor cursor goes to the respective implementation or prototype of a procedure/function or variable.

    Thank you for your replies guys!

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    You can download the current version from my Skydrive - (Win32): D52E!178&parid=BBF7F0CD6062D52E!176&authkey=!AOj2J 0kJHEuj1eE

    Some features were implemented:
    - Auto indentation;
    - Like Lifepower said before, the automatic closing block "end";

    Features to be implemented:
    - Browser for general issues(class/variables/procedures/functions);
    - Auto complement(To make the prodoction faster - you will need just create the prototype of a procedure/function, and then, the full body of the function will be automatically created);
    - Two options of window border
    The standard(Windows border style);
    The custom(the border style you see in the screenshots);

    I want to know what do you think. Where should I put the Brower(left side(embbed with the "manager") or right side of the screen);

    Please, test it. I don't know if any DLL will be needed. I need to know if it worked correctly on your computers.

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    Hey Felipe, thanks for posting this. We met on the Game Development Facebook group the other day.

    I was going to make a news post seeing as this is a new project and I like to post things as I discover them. When I have time.

    Please keep us informed. I had the idea years ago to make a Game Developer's Edition of Lazarus, so this is a nice thing to hear about for me. I believe I came up with the idea then other people lack of interest and my lack of time killed the idea shortly after. It would be great if you could bundle all the major API wrappers with it so that you really only have to add them to your uses clause in your code and away you go. That was my big idea with the game dev edition concept. You would have to update which version of the new wrappers you put into it, but at least you were guaranteed that you have a working set with your IDE and compiler.

    My big breath holder is what debugger are you using? AND how does it function? I have found that GDB does not work well with Lazarus ports to Mac (lots of issues that I don't think are fully fixed), but work perfectly fine with Windows and maybe Linux.

    Not that there is much selection out there for debuggers (new Pascal debugger project anyone?) however it would be nice to see better debugger support for open source / freeware dev tool projects.
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development

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    Wow, bloodshed devpas... now that brings back memories!

    I especially like how this resembles geany in many ways. As much as I like geany, I find its code completion a bit clunky and the fact it does not auto-complete from accross many files or add the 'object heirachy' like it does on other languages is a bit of a downer. If you have any plans to add that into your IDE, you'd win a fan for life
    I once tried to change the world. But they wouldn't give me the source code. Damned evil cunning.

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    looks good , if you want to know the dll's needed , use peid for example
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    WILL: I am still thinking about which debugger to use. For now, I'm thinking about GNU Debugger. But, I will leave the debugger tool for the last, since it is the hardest thing to implement. I suppose that I can use the GND externally, like I'm using Free Pascal. What I'm doing is executing the program by command line from my IDE, and redirecting the output messages to my IDE.

    code_glitch: Yes, it will have a Object Hierarchy(or Browser). I just asked in the facebook where should I put this browser(together with the "manager frame", or in a new frame on right side of the screen?).

    AirPas: Thank you.

    Done - The automatic inclusion of the keyword "end" when click [Enter] was implemented. This is the smart auto-indentation.
    Done - For syntax highligh, I'm using Synedit.
    Doing - I'm working on the auto-complementation tool.
    Doing - Browser for classes/variables, procedures/functions.
    Not Done - The program does't have already a Syntax analysis(or parser), but will have. I have created a parser months ago for my Game Engine, and it is working perfectly. I will just include the parser on this project.
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