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Thread: Machina Engine DevPascal - IDE for Free Pascal

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    can you tell us when this IDE will be ready to use ?
    i know its not easy , but i think this will be the only alternative to lazarus

    good luck

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    It's hard to tell, but I hope to release a usable(not stable) version until the end of July. =)

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    Hello guys, I'm releasing a beta for Win32. I ask your for ideas, for example I have two ideas now:

    • Create a design-mode, which will allows create code in real-time using diagrams;
    • Create the historic, which will list the backups;
    • For a distant future, make possible the creation of plugins(I have an idea on how to accomplish that);

    The ideas can be about anything to make the coding easier and faster.
    Also, check for bugs, particulary bugs related to text-format(Unicode, UTF-8, ANSI/ASCII). And, since it's a beta, create a backup of the files that you will open with the IDE.

    The source-code is included. You need to install the package ProPackIDE, which contains some custom components.

    Known bug:
    • The option to toggle between the prototype and implementation of a method - sometimes it doesn't work;

    If you are good with conversion, I would appreciate the converson of the package ProPackIDE to Lazarus code, this would accelerate the release of the Linux and MacOS versions. Also, I will put a list of contributors for the project.


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    Some tips:

    • There are a fullscreen-mode(press F11);
    • For a better fullscreen, you can hide the Manager, Browser, Messenger and status bar. It will give you much more space;
    • When clicking "Save" or "Save As...", you will save the active file, not the file of the selected tab;
    • To compile a file, you must save it first. The IDE don't do that automatically - because it is not stable, so I don't want to create chances to anyone lose its data.

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    Starting to look good there Felipe. Though I'm not sure if its a WINE issue or the code itself but hitting tab for an indent doesnt type in the editor, instead it follows the 'next object' behaviour of other GUIs. Though for me, the moment it gets auto-completion it'll definitely be a contender for my favourite IDE spot
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    Thank you code_glitch! This problem was solved!

    And I started to implement the auto-completion, but right now I'm trying to migrate to Linux Ubuntu, and will take some days to bring some updates...

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