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Thread: Resources for new projects: what to do?

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    Delphi compiler does write an information about wich version of software was used (trial, acadamic, other). The data is writen in the same block that dfm contents are.
    But as far as I know when you use various executable packing programs this information gets packed with the rest and thus can't be read unles packing proces is reversed.
    Are you really really sure? I just checked some binaries made with delphi 7 and delphi 2007, and the only weird resource I found was something called DVCLAL present in all of them with the same content, unless I did something wrong I think there's no borland/codgear nag/signature. If anyone wants to confirm this, here is the hex string I found in both compiler's binaries 263D4F38C28237B8F3244203179B3A83

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    I'm quite sure. I don't know exactly where this information is being stored but when you use PE Explorer for analysing executables made with delphi this is one of the information being displayed in the program besides the VCL component hirearhial structure and several other interesting data.

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    Yesterday a friend of mine, points me to this site, it have a lot of sprites taken from many fighting games. Hope you enjoy it!

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