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Thread: 2nd PGD Challenge Questions!

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    Also, even if you entry is not finished, it's always nice to upload something. Having a bunch of entries half finished is much better than having absolutely nothing uploaded. And it doesn't look at bad. So please upload what you've done even if it's not finished. It shows that there was interest instead of nothing in it's place in the showcase after.
    I have been thinking along these lines too. Even though I have no chance in the world to make a top entry, making one at all will at least support the event, show that I am interested, not abandon it with too few contributions.

    I guess my entry will at best be demonstrate my intentions. I havn't even made a thread for it and my "to do" list seems infinite. But OTOH it always does.

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    I have a stupid question. Can someone participate with 2 entries?
    No, I'm not planning to make a second entry in the 2 extra days

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