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Thread: Stars reach

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    Here's a little teaser of what's it like:

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    Neato! Keep up the great work dude!

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    Nice start!

    What's the gameplay genre going to be?

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    That looks great.

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    So, you move the camera around the vessel to look at the direction you want to go and then press a button to change the ship's route, isn't it?
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    Yeah, it moves forward to camera direction with W key... or that's how it works right now. Not sure if i'll remain like that after i've added more ships to player control. I might do a bounding box selection and right click move order. That would need little further zoom. Also, i did notice in the video that camera looks very rough, and can be smoothened by using a destination turn angle and then animate the rotation.

    edit: Then in the vid you saw how i set warp destination, and the button suddenly became enabled. This mode of flying will be fully automated and not interruptible with player controls.

    But that's still little open design, because combat ships might, and most likely will, be fully automated. With this i wouldn't actually need to select ships. I was thinking that only purpose of shipyard would be to assign current sector ships to either planet defence, or join the player fleet.

    Didn't show well in the video, but starmap highlighted the current star system, and warp destination... because... you want to know where you are

    The planets have a type, which was also slightly seen in the vid. There are 10 types, from which 4 don't support life, and rest will be classed in different quality which will determine building rate of new ships for player disposal. For example a desert and ocean planets are still feasible, but not optimal for industry.

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    Very impressive! The Navigational Map is great. And from my count, you might make the maximum bonus for re-visitable locations.

    Can't wait to see what the gameplay will be like though. You have a pretty good established base to build it up now from at least.
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    Smoothened all camera controls, and finetuned ship movement to feel more like you are actually handling a ship. There's now WSAD controls, with strafing and ship stop. Enemy homeworlds added to game... And finally new elements to the map; system view has planets, and galaxy map shows a fading zoom-in special effect on current star system.

    Little by little coming together, just few more features to be able to neglibly call it a game

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    Released 0.1 version in the ftp, just to get feet on the door before competition closes Ok, maybe there is still over 24 hours time left, but i can still upload new versions later, right?

    It's still heavily in progress, although the main thing, travelling is done. I hope you like the warpdrive. Mothership is slightly different and bigger from the normal combat ship, and also, while exploring v0.1 you will find enemy ships in unknown systems. They just don't do anything. All ships in same systam as player is in, have highlighted crosshair in the map.

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