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Thread: Momen 3d

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    Momen 3d

    Finally, I decided to rescue an old project of mine: a 3D space shooter but in the style of Xenon, Turrican and Nemesis/Gladius.

    Now I'm finishing the dirty 3D engine I started few days ago. Yesterday I wrote this:
    ... a dirty&simple 3D engine to show you what you can do with latest Allegro.pas.
    It isn't very spectacular but now I can "easily" manage cameras, lights, fog, skybox and materials. Of course it needs model and map loaders but the hardest was done yet.
    This morning I did some cleaning and added an octree structure:

    At the moment I'll not do frustum culling but I'll add a distance culling, if the nearest vertex of a node is farther than <d> then it doesn't renders it nor their child nodes. I'll use it for collisions also.


    If you have Twitter, I'm using the #2PGDchallenge hashtag.
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    I like the misty space dust scene. Should be interesting to see a 3D game made with Allegro.pas.

    BTW, why not tweet in both English and Spanish? It'd double your interest from English readers.

    So the idea is that you will warp to other locations? Will the game be open sandbox or scripted missions?
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    I was busy implementing model loaders and doing testing and so. Also I was thinking about how the game will be and it will be a bit different than I initially imagined. It will be similar to the "Roge Squadron" and "Wing Commander" series but with some bits of Gladius/Nemesis and/or Xenon. I mean I'll try to do it more arcade and less simulation, including those "pills" or "expansions" that appears after destroying an enemy... And may be final bosses too.

    The background of the above screen-shots is a skybox I found at Open Game Art. Also the scene has a nice green fog that integrates the objects with the background despite they're pure red cubes.

    Today I've recruited a graphic designer (not professional), so I will have more time to code.

    Quote Originally Posted by WILL View Post
    So the idea is that you will warp to other locations? Will the game be open sandbox or scripted missions?
    The game will have scripted missions.

    Initially it will be two missions: the training and the first mission. As the player complete missions more one will appear "connected". Some times the player will be forced to an specific mission or may be he/she will be able to decide, and may be the decision will affect which missions will be unlocked. May be if the player doesn't succeed new missions would appear (and those missions will disappear if he/she repeat and succeed).

    As I've said, similar than "Roge Squadron" and "Wing Commander".

    At the moment I'm coding it as a "concept-test". The engine is very simple and I'm sure I can improve it a lot, but not now. Now I want to focus in the game. Actually the game engine was "finished" yesterday but it hasn't a model loader. Tomorrow I can start coding the game itself.

    Quote Originally Posted by WILL View Post
    BTW, why not tweet in both English and Spanish? It'd double your interest from English readers.
    I don't tweet a lot, so I'll try to do it.
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    Cool Last testing image

    Last engine testing image. Next one will be in-game (I hope ):

    The ship is a Wavefront model so now I can use models.
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    I haven't work a lot on the project the last days due to familiar issues, but I did something. Now the game framework is almost complete (the previous one was the "3D engine framework" which is a bit different) by hacking some classes from my KOFFE and "Duke of Dragonfear" projects. So now it creates an empty space and renders it. Much like the engine testing program but better organized (I hope).

    Oh, and it creates a log file (can be disabled by configuration):
    Init log file...
    Level -> 2
    WARNING: debug_level configuration is forced for debugging.  Change this before beta release.
    WARNING: FullScreen configuration modified for debugging.  Change this before beta release.
    Initialising system...
      Initialising Allegro5...
    Creating Display...
      Setting display options...
      Creating display...
      Hideing the mouse cursor.
      Setting Ortho mode...[Ok]
    Display created [OK]
    System initialised.
    Creating test flight universe...
      Creating the Universe...[Ok]
      Loading models...
        Loading Wavefront model "./data/navecilla.obj"...[Ok]
      Models loaded.
      Populating the Universe...[Ok]
      Adding a test camera.  MUST BE REMOVED.
    >>> Starts flight.
    >>> MainLoop starts...
      Esc key pressed.
    WARNING: Remove Esc key response from MainLoop procedure!!!!
    <<< MainLoop ends...
    <<< Ends flight.
    Destroying flight resources...[Ok]
    Releasing global stuff...[Ok]
    Actually it helped me to organize the code and find some glitches...

    Also I've described the missions to be completed. Initially there are 12 missions but may be not all them will be included in my entry. Time is short.
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    Here you have the player ship motion.

    I'm a little late, but it's not a big trouble. If I can make the basic collision system today I'll be almost in time.
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    Cool! I am looking forward to Allegro.pas 5
    Best regards,

    Pulsar2D framework:

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    That looks cool. Nice work. For small objects you can make a sphere or bounding box collision detection. As for the big ships I don't know.

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    Small ship to big ship can be done with sphere to triangle-mesh collision. At least my nxPascal can calculate nearest point on a model and a normal at that point. You may use the information for collision.

    Big ship to big ship might need triangle to triangle collision, which might be much harder to implement, and slower.
    edit: Actually vertex to triangle would be enough in most cases. Just don't have the polygons so big that ship section could pass through them.
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    Mayby can be used ellipsoids for easy collision detection of large ships ?

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