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Thread: Spriter - Tool for making 2d animations easier

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    Spriter is very cool. I am working with Brashmonkey at the moment. He is creating my artwork for me and spriter is great when you want o be able to reskin characters, or have characters swap out different equipment etc.

    Dan, your Spine port looks very good.
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    I have updated the spine runtime to support the new export format. the animations are now exported with the skeleton file and are loaded with it.
    wagenheimer, if you port the spine example to zengl I will include it in the archive.
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    Jink does have a 2D engine inside it with an editor along the lines of spine. Spine is far more polished however and looks like it's got quite a good uptake so I think I'll add a plugin myself at some stage since there's now a public format for 2D armature animations!

    Does spine allow you to reference your source images by filename or does it pack the data with the json/binary? for example if I were to use spine I'd keep my support for vector formats such as SVG, so not only can they be part of an animation but that animation can then be resolution independent.

    it's a damn sight easier than handling 3D formats! I'm still having issues with MD5 quaternions in bone space and IQM rest poses
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    spine does reference the images by file names. however, it does not use separate images, instead it assumes that all the images are packed into an atlas texture, so an atlas file is required. it can be made to work with separate images with some small changes to the runtime.

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    Here is the ZenGL updated code with an improved example!

    You can walk with the goblin with Left/Right keys, can attack pressing Space and can change the Skin (to a Female Goblin) using C key.

    This is the first draft of ZenGL code yet, I hope to improve it a lot and I will post any progress here! The next step is use the Mix animations function to provide sweet transition between different animations. =)

    I hope to keep updating this ZenGL example to provide a good class for Handling Spine Animations with ZenGL (using Dan's Pascal Headers).

    Ps. To create the Packed textures for it, you will need and use the LibGDX exporter! I use only packed textures with my games and I created some functions to help ZenGL handling it, I will clean my code and post the code with examples here in forum sometime soon! But Spine already supports it!

    Any suggestions is welcomed! =)
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    I realize this is old thread, but I've found this tool: - it's free and (I think, but not sure) open source. But you should support them by giving them some of your $$$. I knew about it earlier from TIGSource thread, but was in development then yet, so didn't post here. Anyway from what I've played with the tool is very usable although exporting isn't there yet.

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    Hi guys, Sorry for digging up this old thread.
    I am developing the tool Sprite DLight (in Lazarus), which generates normal maps for sprites automatically. This allows for pretty awesome dynamic lighting effects in 2D games and is even more awesome in combination with skeletal animation.
    There are some challenges when using Spine and Sprite DLight together, like rough joints and the need to recalculate the normals according to the bone rotation.
    I was excited to find out there was a Spine Runtime for Pascal and I am hoping to solve some of these with it, however all the old download links here and in the Spine Forum are dead and I can't seem to get in contact with Dan.
    So Dan, if you are around, or if anybody still has the old files somewhere, I would greatly appreciate them being made available for download again.

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    What a nice tool, Dee. I hope you find the code you need.
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