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Thread: malware detected

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    Was this a vBuletin acount or general site managment account?
    I have done some searching and reading on internet and from what I gathered Godaddy doesn't have best security for site administration. In the past the were lots of hacks done trough hacking cPanel accounts. Some even suggest that cPanel security was so weak that it was posible to hack certain account by runing brute force for pasword hacking. What wories me most is the fact some pepole say that Godaddy has neglected many warnings from its user about security vulnerabilites that were found on their servers. In many cases Godaddy administration has been blaming its customers to be using outdated software wich resulted in security volnerabilities even if that wasn't true.

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    It was a vBulletin account that was compromised.
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    Oh good. I feared for the worst.
    BTW do we have Site Scaner in our webhosting package. Acording to GoDaddy offers ability for dayli scaning of our site for various hacks. If we don't maybe we should consider it. I know it cost some money but we might lose a lot of potentional users if our site would present a security thread for their computers.
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