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    Hi, I recently joined the PGD community and i saw that the Help thread is closed... where should i look for help if i get stuck on one of my programs ? Thanks!

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    I don't think it matters to much just pick a spot that is closely related to your question, that way someone else might find it and save the time of asking again. it alway's good to do a search first to see if the question has been answered before. use a good title so people know what type of help you are needing. something search friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carver413 View Post
    do a search first to see if the question has been answered before.
    Well, I don't think someone could make the exact program i made and got the exact error i have now... I just can't figure out what to do to my program... I got stuck. Well , Thanks!

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    Such general 'Help' topics just generate mess when you could have thought more about what you wanted to say and picked the appropriate category forum for it.

    ie. if you wanted to ask a SDL related question, post a thread there.

    Posting threads that say "Help" are not the proper way to start a thread. (Can we tell what the pink elephant in the room is yet? ) Think about what you want to ask and put an abbreviated version of that question in the topic, try to keep it from getting too long.

    From there we will need to know specific things about your problem to actually be able to help you. Others having to ask you all kinds of these things about your project/game, doesn't help us or you, so try to explain it as completely as you can. Things we may want to know is, what development tool you are using, what APIs and/or what platform you are developing on. (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) That's usually always helpful to know. For the rest e just have to know and understand what you want in the end.

    Barring all that, if you miss something or don't know what else to ask, we can always help fill in the gaps. Being new doesn't have to be completely painful so we will try to help as best we can.

    Knowing this, I wish you luck in whatever your problem is and hope you find what you are looking for.

    When if doubt the FAQ are there to help you:
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