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Thread: War Trail

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    Looks very interesting, better graphics for enemy and defence units and it will rock!

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    Nice video, but you don't seem very good at your own game. That or you need to balance it a bit more in your favor.
    It's actually currently way too easy (need it to test level completions, etc.).

    I'll ramp up the difficulty a bit for the PGD version, but not too much, so it won't take hours for the judges to reach all the levels! (8 distinct maps right now, with 11 locations, as a couple maps are recycled twice)

    Looks very interesting, better graphics for enemy and defence units and it will rock!
    Alas, that's probably something that won't happen, I'm just too ineffective when making graphics, and they don't even look very good...

    On the other hand, there is already a "Challenge" (hard, infinite, semi-random) mode, for which I would like to squeeze in global leaderboards if time permits

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    You did finished the game! I should take this seriously!
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    Wow, now that brings back some knongregate memories. Looking forward to playing this one folks Looking great there Eric!
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    Added global leaderboards with Playtomic, picked them since they were free and had an HTML5 API
    Their API si very simple to use: one line to setup, one line to record a highscore, one line to get the leaderboard!

    Won't get any Challenge points for it, but there is a cool factor to it I couldn't resist! (of course, less cool will be cheaters, but let's cross that bridge later).

    Not much presentation in the leaderboard yet, it's just a big rounded rect + text, I'm using HTML5 Canvas ShadowBlur for the font effects.

    I also have a start icon now, quickly made up with iconJ.
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    Nice work with the leader-board Eric!

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    Leader-board := awesome!

    Every little detail just makes your entry all the more impactful Eric. You are true to form in this competition. Can't wait to play it when the deadline hits.
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    Time for a beta!

    Should work best on:
    - Windows: Chrome, IE9
    - iOS: iPad 2/3 (use "add to home screen")
    - OSX: Safari

    Alternate platforms:
    - Chrome for Android 4.0 (ICS, tablet recommended), playable framerate.
    - Android 2.3 with alternate browsers that have a good fullscreen mode (Boat Browser f.i.), low framerate.
    - Windows Opera & Safari have low framerate. FireFox is not supported yet.
    - iPhone 3GS/4 have good framerate, but controls are too small.

    What can be tested?
    - Only the bottom five locations in the world map are playable, "Shinai ruins" is meant to be non-winnable for now
    - The first 2-3 locations should be rather easy
    - "Ulan Gathor" (bottom left) is a "bonus map" and should be hardish (passing it won't be required to reach the last locations).

    Winning any location unlocks the next location(s), a flawless victory (3 stars, 100% health) unlocks the Challenge mode for that location.

    Challenge mode is infinite, with global Leader boards, first ranks should be easy to grab, not many competition yet ;-)

    Some dialogs are still using the browser dialogs, so they can look out of place, don't choose to block them!
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    It works for me ok, nice work Eric

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    Worked fine - Chrome + Windows7 64 bit!


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